The Imprint of Origin –Journey of Creation 02.11.13

Guiding Thought

Choose only to create with Perfect Love. Since Perfect Love is all You Are, and all there is, accept Perfect Love as the only Source for all your creations. Project Perfect Love outward, shining with inner radiance.

Reflection / Contemplation

Beloved is taking me on an adventure today! He says our destination isn’t the focus rather the vehicle we will travel in. It is a Light beam.

My sweet human brain is almost exploding with a million questions! I take a breath, ask my small self to be the recorder and trustingly take his hand.

There is a series of breathing exercises. I’m glad I asked for the recording to be done because this requires total immersion.

She is breathing so fast that it seems unnatural yet her body is generating so much energy her particles seem to be shifting. I see a haze almost where the physical is warping. The room itself seems to be affected as the walls and door are vibrating. It increases and now there is sound like a high pitched engine whirling; in a screech and poof-the physical body has disappeared from sight.

The iridescent shimmer is all that I see and although I don’t hear, I can read her heart. She is the Light beam now. Light moves fast! It also must be timeless because they seemed to have moved it to her mothers body when she grew there. Her DNA is communicating with her essence to align her cells perfectly for her soul’s mission.

The Imprint of Origin is Perfect Love. Overlays of possible healing paths are laid in as well. She is witnessing and getting access to many puzzle pieces she has struggled with understanding. Agreement of generational healing is taken on as well as potential gifts to be activated. All of this is possibility, the free will Law gives each human domain over their personal kingdom.

Beloved is communicating with her. He is pointing out that her foundation, Origin, is Perfect Love. Her Source for all creation is Perfect Love and can be accepted as the only Source for her creation. They remain in this state for a moment then the Light beams move back toward now. Body has taken shape in its physical form once again. I do see an essence of Light. Her inner radiance shines from this understanding of Perfect Love.


Guest Contributor Amy Castillo

Amy Castillo. In the yurt with two grand babies.









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