A Very Large Me–Journey of Creation 02.11.16

Guiding Thought

When your mind and will are free, they recognize only Truth. Your mind and will are free in the Knowledge of Union with Perfect Love. When you are in the state of One Mind and Will of Perfect Love, you  create Freedom and Truth for yourself and All.

Reflection / Contemplation

Clouds surround me as I move toward my time with Beloved. They are personal clouds of confusion, insecurity, and doubt. They are so thick and heavy this morning, my biggest gratitude is that I have the muscle memory that can carry me to my destination without much effort.

Within a few breaths, I am here and Beloved is present. My tears flow. Beloved is in Union with Perfect Love. In his presence, the frequency of the lower energies I brought in don’t exist.

The tears wash me clean and help calibrate me to this now moment.

A bell is tolling in the distance. My first thought is to let freedom ring!

I’m settling into to this reality as if I have just awoken from a bad dream. I know what had me so shaken wasn’t real. How can it seem so real that my physiology responds to mere thoughts?

Beloved begins to laugh. The sound comes in and begins tickling the corners of my mouth into a smile. Then the bubble of joy rises up from the depths and builds until I am belly laughing! Tears are streaming and my belly hurts as the shrieks of hilarity begin to quiet.

I have taken the full roller coaster ride of emotions!

My body feels light. A slight buzzing in my heart, head and hands. The clouds are nowhere in sight.

Beloved begins to share the guiding thought for today. Compassion supports me to stay out of self recriminations. The deadly loop of losing sight of Truth, then awakening then going instantly to blame, then back to darkness–all self inflicted.

Truth doesn’t go anywhere. It surrounds my self-imposed prison where I may have shut the gate, yet the lock is on the inside! I am the keeper of this dark kingdom. What continues to draw me in? Today I will experiment with dismantling the gate. In a world full of people, ideas, and activities, I sometimes lose contact with Me. It isn’t a quick disappearance, more of an almost unrecognizable slipping away. Each time I begin the rescue, I encounter the grief, yet not today. What I feel is the strength of Perfect Love. The clarity of It, the sureness that permeates. No hint of impatience. I am in Union with Perfect Love.

This is Truth. My heart and mind are in agreement on that. They seem to be communicating that this morning, they made the choice to play some old tapes. Run a few old programs for fun…forgetting that those programs aren’t fun, they are Life sucking.

Breathing in I call those old programs forward. They take the shape of the prison gate.

Forgiveness comes in a saturating mist. Holy water washes clean and dissolves the form. Light finishes the job until no trace remains.

A Great Sun moves from the beyond. It’s steady movement makes its way into my heart. I watch as that large ball of fire comes into the cave of my Heart Universe. It is brilliantly lit up and now reveals my Creation story that is depicted on the paintings inside this cave. This Sun is my creator, Perfect Love. I see the beginning of time and the Golden Age of pure Love and Creation. I follow the storyline and learn of the Dark Age where I lost sight of my Source. I’m awakening deeper into the memory of my true heritage. My ancestors were free in mind and heart and recognized only Truth. They were free in the Knowledge of Union with Perfect Love.

That Truth is My Truth. Getting out of the cloud bank only requires my remembrance. The last picture I see is that of A very large Me. The ball of Light is in my center, Light beams stretch from me out into the Universe of Life. I step closer and see that inside of this large depiction of Me are All Beings. I stare at it and feel a Joy that knows no opposite. I invite Beloved to interpret this for me. “Dear One,” he begins, “When you are in the state of One Mind and Will of Perfect Love you create Freedom and Truth for yourself and All.”

I place my hands gently over my heart and breathe as I speak, “I am free. I am free. I am free.”


Guest Contributor Amy Castillo

Amy Castillo. In the yurt with two grand babies.









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