Lessons from a Dark Room –Journey of Creation 02.11.15

Guiding Thought

Perfect Love, the Source and Truth of your Self, imbues you with the will to create with Love. You are able to create through your own free will, extending Perfect Love.  Loving creation was given freely to you; therefore, give freely of your own loving creation. Joyfully create through Perfect Love, with Perfect Love, as Perfect Love.

Reflection / Contemplation

Beloved and I will meet in the yurt today.

My entry in is going to be a singing bowl session. I’m laying in the middle of this circular space, feeling cradled in the center of my universe. The bowls-metal and crystal surround me. I hear the faint sound of chimes and realize Beloved is getting closer.

Closing my eyes and drawing in slow, intentional breaths begins the ascent. Hearing Beloved enter, I intentionally soften my heart and mind to open even more deeply. As the bowls begin to play my body aligns to the frequency of Love. It has no opposite, yet the obstacles my small self has built from fear are the waste to be dismantled.

I am now but a sound wave myself. Perfect Love has taken form as a Goddess. She quietly takes my hand and we enter the bedroom from my childhood. I am in bed, eyes open, terrified of the dark. My child self is listing all the possible dangers that the dark holds. She seems to believe it will keep her safe if she can figure it all out.

My heart aches a little bit. I can remember how much the dark scared me and for how long. I didn’t like sleepovers because I wasn’t familiar with their dark and seemed to have to start a whole new fear list!

The Goddess is with my child self. She is creating a sound, as if from inside of her, that soothes. As my child-self relaxes, the thick energy of fear dissipates and her eyes close.

I have Deja vue! Seeing it encourages my mind to remember that I am always in Perfect Love’s embrace. I would wake up attuned to Love, yet at night I would be too preoccupied with fear-thoughts to remember.

As I watch this child aspect of me sleep peacefully I am also able to see that there is not a monster under my bed or in my closet. The dark holds nothing but the temporary absence of light. Dark holds no special evil powers and it is not active.

When I open a door to a dark room it does not come out like the light does; if I am in a lighted hallway and open a door to a dark room, the light rushes in!

Light is active! Perfect Love is the Source and Truth of my Self. Seeing how I planned to survive the night by creating through fear as a child begs me to evaluate where I am still engaging with fear in this way.

Loving creation is active, potent, and All that is real. Where is my small self still clinging to the practice of protecting herself with negative lists of what ifs?

Is my free will to create/extend Perfect Love blocked by my small self’s attempt to keep herself safe?

The Goddess has her radiant hands on my shoulders, the warmth is incredible. She leans her forehead to mine and instantly I see a beautiful garden path. There is a quality to the air that has soothing sound carried in it and color everywhere! In my inhale I am breathing in Perfect Love. My exhale gently carries out what doesn’t serve me. We move along the path in this glorious breath pattern until we reach a pond. I look into and see what appears to be me-yet also another larger aspect of me-like nesting dolls-one inside the other. I see the connection of my self and True Self visibly. All together we are a giant beacon of Light. A sign appears at the edge of the pond or I am just now aware of it. It reads “clarity pool”. I am seeing the Truth in Light. Perfect Love is me, as me! We are in One being. Creating in Perfect Love is my natural state. The harmony and accord of this garden helps me to see and feel the Truth that has always been, always will be. The chimes are sounding and I feel a gentle pull through the air. The Sacred Joy of this garden is what I ingest with each breath as it disappears from visual sight. My Self has taken the helm! She is who returns to the yurt. She knows that creating in, as, and with Perfect Love is her Will. The frequency She emits is in resonance with this. My small self is relaxed and at the moment, grateful for Truth to lead the way.


Guest Contributor Amy Castillo

Amy Castillo. In the yurt with two grand babies.









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