Creation: the Energy and Essence of Color–Journey of Creation 02.11.17

Guiding Thought

Use your free will joyfully to create the Good, the Beautiful, the Holy, and the Perfect. This is appropriate use of your mind and will, and directly in-line with Perfect Love. As you experience your Holy creations in your life, you strengthen your conviction to Truth, and to your ability to co-create with your Divine Self.

Reflection / Contemplation

Standing inside our gathering space I see that Beloved has set up a large canvas and paints. I am intrigued! The floor is covered, and there are a variety of paintbrushes, along with jars of fresh water.

My creative juices are beginning to flow! I choose to sit down, turn within, and breathe until it is time to begin.

Without realizing He has come in, I suddenly feel Beloved’s strong, warm hands upon my shoulders. I smile and today’s lesson begins.

The joy and urge to create increases ten-fold in His presence. The energy is zinging around inside of me.

Continuing to breathe long, slow breaths, supports the shift from a chaotic excitement to a harmonious hum of connecting with Source.

My physical eyes are closed yet my Spiritual sight is fully online. There is a beautiful, warm, Light growing larger and stronger beside me. All of my senses are on high alert as I realize my Divine Self has taken form! She is here for my lesson on co-creation. She begins with teaching me how to truly see and sense color. She lends power to my ability, allowing me to discern the energy and essence of each color.

Before me are the colors of abundance, balance, wholeness, unity, and peace, as well as power, order, freedom and joy. It feels like my DNA is morphing as this experience is redefining my perception of reality.

Colors have always been a big deal in my life. As a child I sensed they had feelings, and my relationship to each shifted daily. Today, experiencing the energy and attributes of color with my Divine Self is shifting my relationship to Creation!

As I pick up the paintbrush and begin, I feel my heart and mind directly in line with Perfect Love. The movement of the strokes, the energy that flows within and around me is so potent! I can see the Light of my True Being radiating out of my skin. This atonement with Creation, my free-will co-creating with my Truth, is Holy. I am alive with the manifested expression of Beauty, Power, Abundance and Balance.

The flow of this Glory goes on until I recognize that the canvas is filled. I step back and gaze upon the Holiness of this Co-Creation. Heart with Mind, Perfect Love with Truth and a conviction within Me to utilize these new abilities that have been awakened today.

When in Union with my Divine Self, I create Good, Beautiful, Perfect, and Holy Life. Perfect Love, my Divine Self are here with me and in me always, in All ways.

With every breath, every choice I am creating. That recognition hits me with sobering joy. With a strengthened conviction to my Truth, I celebrate this discovery. This new perspective on co-creation has integrated into my cell tissue. Alignment with Perfect Love in heart and mind is True Co-Creation.


Guest Contributor Amy Castillo

Amy Castillo. In the yurt with two grand babies.









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