Building a Table of Values –Journey of Creation 02.11.18

Guiding Thought

What do you value? How much do you value it? When you clarify these questions, you establish the value of your goal. Then, consciously bring this value to all your thoughts and actions, measuring your behavior against the criteria set by your values. The means for accomplishment reveal themselves as you clarify your intentions.

Reflection / Contemplation

My instructions for today were to meet Beloved in the workshop. The rich, familiar smell of wood greets me as I open the door. There are plans set out and a pile of wood for me to choose my right building materials.

The instructions say to consider my values and build a table to represent them. The main value is to be the table top and four other supporting values represented by the legs.

My heart flutters. I sit quietly for a moment to calm and center. My heart’s response was out of present time.

A while ago I encountered a life experience, like an earthquake, that abruptly altered the life I had been living. As I investigated the cracks in my foundation they revealed evidence that I had built my life around values that weren’t even mine. Those values had been taught or modeled yet not chosen by the liver of the life-Me!

The past few years have been a process of building a new foundation and a life aligned with it. This has been supported by wisdom I gained around the same time that I have the ability to transform my world through my encounter with it.

Everything I see and engage with is also able to be re-seen with the higher frequency my Divine Self abides in. If I choose to see things anew it means I am willing to release the history I have assigned it (good or bad, right or wrong).

This aha came about in one of those desperate moments of agony one can find themselves in. The Universe is always with me and supporting me so I “happened” to come across a line in a reading that was almost like an after shock! “Behold! I make all things new.” Which set my personal transformation in motion.

That day began the work of discernment, reevaluation and neutrality. Later I read, “All is holy, as I Am.” That was the day I became aware of Beloved. He is the best teacher for me because his methods provide me with creative ways to find my own answers, such as the table project I am now beginning.

My highest, strongest value is love. Love is All, Is everything and everyone, Love Is. For this project I have chosen Cedar wood to work with. It is strong and considered the tree of life in many cultures. This is the right wood for my life values table! The table top of Love is cut, sanded smooth and ready to be supported by some legs!

The second value and first leg, is Joy. Joy is a flame kept burning by Love, regardless of life’s circumstances. Joy is Love in action and deed.

Leg two is ease. I bring the value of ease into my foundation because life can be hard, yet it is possible to bring an ease to it. When I am aligned with Love and Joy, ease is my natural state of being. My body functions much better when my mind is at ease.

My third leg will be the value of compassion. Compassion for self and others engenders a generous spirit towards the human condition. When life is met with compassion, judgements make no purchase, hearts aren’t broken down they are joined and helped back up. A world where compassion is valued makes that world a kinder place to live and I am interested in that.

My fourth leg will represent the value of Grace. Grace as defined by me, is in me and surrounds me. Grace is a field and a force! Its currency is forgiveness.

The life journey is ripe with times we stumble and fall, maybe even completely blow it! Grace compassionately helps me back up onto my feet, where I am capable of making necessary amends and carrying on. My strong and beautiful table embodies what I value most. I open my hands and rest them on the top of Love. I breathe and invite this arcing value of Love to resonate into my Being.

I call forth Joy, Ease, Compassion and Grace. They too find their roots within me. I internalize the stability and balance this table of my values represent.

My prayer today is for all of my actions, behaviors, spoken words and thoughts to be their representatives.


Guest Contributor Amy Castillo

Amy Castillo. In the yurt with two grand babies.









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