Ripples –Journey of Creation 02.11.19

Guiding Thought

In the Light of Truth, perceptions and non-reality dissipate as fog in the sun. Only Truth is True. When you are aware of your reality in Truth, you understand how flimsy and meaningless are your perceptions. Only the Oneness of the Knowledge of Truth brings Peace.

Reflection / Contemplation

Beloved and I are meeting by the pond this morning. I sit in my favorite chair, breathing into my heart as my face is gently warmed by the sun.

Life feels so gentle and sweet in this moment as if the collective has decided we all need a pause. Peace seems to be felt viscerally.

Without recognizing I had slipped out of my physical body, I find I am presently inside the body of a koi fish, in the pond! This perspective is very different. As a human who loves being in water I am very aware of what it feels like on my skin. What I feel in this body is that I am One with it.

My breathing is an exchange with it. There is no separation. The overall feeling is peace and it seems to be rippling out with the water. I am at-one-with All.

The body of the fish begins to swim. The movement feels effortless, gliding in peace, at One.

Within the next breath I suddenly find myself within a crows body! I’m momentarily disoriented yet acclimate quickly to this new form. I sense the intelligence and heart centeredness of this creature. The air is its vehicle. Multiple fine adjustments are made as this bird soars above the land. It’s heart resonance is so powerful! It feels like it ripples out a communication of love, love as nourishment for all life!

I also sense it’s consideration of all it sees. The sorting and storing of information; food source, safety, pleasurable thoughts too about what is appealing. This creature is seeing things it may choose as gifts for its family and adornments for its home-how fascinating!

Suddenly we swoop left and land inside a giant tree. Before I see or hear another a strong surge of Love is received and replied to.

In the next instant the family assembles right around “us”. In come three more crows and a cacophony of joy commences. It seems to communicate a welcome home and sharing of the day.

I remember when the kids were little there was so much joy in our daily reunion after school or work. How glorious to be a witness to this potent expression! More family has arrived. I can almost see the Love rippling through the air. The harmony of their affinity is breathtaking. Love is palpable in this community. Being in the midst of it brings to mind what is real, what is reality-Love.

We humans live so small and frightened, myself included. We all wear filters to some degree on our expression of the Love we are, how we feel and behave. Here I sense no judgement, just joy. It is also a very present consciousness. Now-free to Be.

My next breath lands me back in my body by the pond. Beloved is beside me. His expression is still water peace. I don’t talk, I listen. I listen to my human heart beating. It doesn’t need my conscious awareness to run. I listen with my hearts intelligence. Within a short time I was gifted perspectives on Life inside of other forms. Here I am back in my form and the thought comes that the alignment to Truth I hold is attained through expression and experience.

My personal excavation project has been to become aware of what is mine-Truth, and what is someone else’s-learned beliefs and programs. The Truth I experienced this morning was that form does not change the basics, Love and Peace. With an invitation I can have help in attuning to new, higher frequencies of the expression and experience of Truth, the Truth that I am. Beloved takes my hand and transmits today’s lesson. In the Light of Truth, with clarity of the visceral knowledge of All life as Love, I am at Peace.


Guest Contributor Amy Castillo

Amy Castillo. In the yurt with two grand babies.









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