There’s a Land That I See, Where the Children are Free… –Journey of Creation 02.11.21

In the third round, the subject of the Guiding Thought is “we”.  This is the “unifying round”. I am not just I, you are not just you. We are we, together, all One. Think of this as “society” or a social complex, if that fits for you; “we” are a collective of people. I cannot be in this by myself or for myself; I can only be with you and for you, equal to myself. This round serves to expand your notion of “I” and “you” into this unity of “we”.


…And I say it ain’t far to this land from where we are
Take my hand, come with me, where the children are free
Come with me, take my hand, and we’ll live

Guiding Thought

Love is everything. Perfect Love is Original Source, from whence we came. We return to the awareness of the Love We ARE  by simply releasing anything and everything which inhibits our consciousness of our True Self. We release those inhibitors now, and Know ourselves as the Love We ARE.

Reflection / Contemplation

When I think of Me as We, I feel a bit of a wiggle. Almost like the coat I am wearing is too tight. That made me laugh because what I saw in my mind’s eye was a whole community of people inside my skin (and coat) bursting out! My laugh, an expression of joy, was the energy carried by the people bursting from within.

WE is wonderful fun! We are from each other. We cannot come into this human form without “two or more” being gathered, so to speak. Inherent in Life is We.

Most of our human suffering is from separation. We live in a time when we live more physically separate yet are globally connected through the internet. Does the internet connection support Love or foster further separation?

If Love is our Original Source, how do we return and Be? When I was little I had an album, “Free to Be You and Me”. I knew every word by heart, still do! It was an oral teaching for me about Self love, compassion, respect and diversity. As a six year old growing up in a white, episcopal, middle class home with traditional married parents and three older siblings this album introduced me to the world outside my bubble. I learned that there are many ways to be a family, how to be a good friend, the debunking of gender rules and the joy of being free to be yourself, no matter how different that seemed.

I’m grateful for that platform because I felt very different. I seemed to sense my differences would not be met with acceptance so I kept my communication with the spirits of life in other forms to myself. Sometimes in Sunday school I would put my fingers in my ears. Unwilling to listen to the stories of cruelty that didn’t align with the God of my heart though knowing my version was mine and would most likely not be welcomed if shared.

I grew up hiding a huge part of my Being. In high school, drugs helped. I loved to be around pot smokers because they would talk and imagine, playing with the edges of what society found “real”. All the while I was also trying to fit in and be accepted. What a crazy game that is!

At some point along the way I had an experience of the wrongness of me and made that my god. That false truth accumulated stories to confirm my not enough-ness. A big break-through came for me when I realized I don’t fit in anywhere because I fit in everywhere! I am not just me, I am We! That was the first steppingstone to the path to know myself as the Love I am and if it is True for me, it is True for We.

The trip Home has been an arduous journey! The illusion of otherness had created walls, boulders, and pitfalls that became the dragons that I needed to slay to reclaim my Kingdom. Those were created by looking outside to see if I was ok, looking to others for validation and security. Going to the empty well for water.

The illusion of perfect security is the crucifier. The awareness of Perfect Love, the salvation.

It is simple, not easy. It requires a diligent effortless effort! There isn’t anything to learn, though there are wonderful tools that assist.

Unlearning is necessary for most of us. Helpers appear and assist. Love is omnipresent, omnipotent so if you have a heart felt desire to return to your Original state, you will be supported. Truth is ever present. It is the infinite Truth, Love is everything. I am Love. WE are Love. Love is All there is. Simple as that.


This is just too good not to include today:


Guest Contributor Amy Castillo

Amy Castillo. In the yurt with two grand babies.









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