All is Well, Always –Journey of Creation 02.11.23

Guiding Thought

We choose only to create with Perfect Love. Since Perfect Love is all we Are, and all there is; we accept Perfect Love as the only Source for all our creations. We project Perfect Love outward, shining with inner radiance.

Reflection / Contemplation

Jesus was a Self-actualized human man. His life exemplified Christ Consciousness. My translation of His mission that lifetime was to model the capacity, to help each of us to actualize our own consciousness to create only with Perfect Love. He projected Perfect Love always and in relationship with everything. His inner radiance shining through was depicted in artwork with a halo. He is a most courageous example of Being the Light.

During my Reiki Master training I had a shift occur within me that quantum leaped me into a new perception of reality. It was after my final atunement that I opened my eyes and my ability to see had changed. As I looked around the room I saw each person that had been there previously but now I saw them as expressions of Divine Love. For me, the room now looked more like a thermogenic photo! Colorful Light made each Being look bigger and they were all SO bright and lovely! Tears flowed without ceasing. I was blown away, disorientated and speechless.

When I got to my car I sat for a long time, not sure how to navigate my world through this new view! I’m pretty sure my angels drove home that day and stepped into support my daily functioning because I don’t remember that much. That week as I worked on clients, crying from the magnitude of their beautiful expression of Love, I told each and every one, what I now saw in them, as them. Several left and never returned. One was so very mad at me for exclaiming about the Love I experienced as them, they got in my face as if they might slap me. I was so surprised that the most common response was annoyance or anger.

Why was it so hard to hear that We are Love? I woke up on day 10 and as I cleaned the kitchen that morning a very kind, benevolent voice came into my awareness and told me that a storm was coming. I looked out of the windows and could not see a cloud in the sky. I shrugged and went about my business. About an hour later another quantum shift opened only this time it came in the form of complete contrast to the first. This one came as darkness, a secret of abuse revealed. The air was sucked out of me. It involved my family of origin, my child, my self. It opened up an area in me I had long ago sealed off. It animated ghosts. It took my foundation and pulled it out from under me. I was in free fall; would I discover wings?

This was a generational healing opportunity. It’s roots went deep, far, and wide. It permanently altered my walk. The juxtaposition of these two occurrences was fascinating. Without that profound new Love grounding me I could have taken many different paths through that period in my life. Although it took much intentional work and a lot of clock time to reach a new normal and to claim a foundation of Light, I am grateful to know Perfect Love as the Source of all creation. To have had access to Perfect Love in All it’s glory while uncovering the most painfully traumatic episode of my life was a great lesson in what is always True. Perfect Love is Source. We, here on earth, judge situations as good or bad yet if they are of soul-carving value they will most certainly be a great act of Love and It may be dressed up as a crisis!

Being willing to project Perfect Love outward and shine with inner radiance requires that deep knowledge that All is Well, Always, for One and All.


Guest Contributor Amy Castillo

Amy Castillo. In the yurt with two grand babies.









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