Giving Life to a Lifetime –Journey of Creation 02.11.24

Guiding Thought

In Perfect Love there is no lack, only complete abundance. Perfect Love is Perfect Fulfillment. When we are aware of our Oneness with Perfect Love, we have everything; we are everything. With a mind fully aware of its own Fullness in Perfect Love, we have perfect faith in our creations, as they are of the same mind as Perfect Love.

Reflection / Contemplation

As I read this thought I felt a swell of gratitude for my Life in all its Created glory! I’m grateful for my perspective about Life and Living. My greatest strength these days is that I don’t feel I HAVE to know.

I have Perfect Knowing of Divine Love. That is my foundation.

Anxiety will sometimes show up–an old, unhealthy aspect I saw as a comforting friend because it was so familiar to me. These days a breath is all that is required to clear that unhelpful fog.

When I began as a massage therapist I worked with two women who were in their 90’s that had recently injured themselves. The one who had a broken hip shared about the day their house had caught on fire. She said as she and her husband stood in the driveway waiting for the fire department she was talking with God about how excited she was to see what wonders would be the result of this!

The other shared her stories of living, learning and loving. She and her husband had lived adventurous lives, separately, as they had married 5 years earlier. It was, time wise, nearly at the end, she said, although in some ways, she felt like she was just getting started. The love they shared was found after she had discovered her own Source of the Love that lives within.

Both these women radiated Perfect Love and the ease with which faith in it gives Life to a lifetime.

Much of my early years I was working to build a life that would be approved of. Thankfully Love supported me to awaken and reassess! Within my Life, I Live. My Life is a kaleidoscope of creations manifested in faith with Perfect Love. When I stepped firmly onto One path, the path where Love has no opposite, much of my previous life couldn’t stay. People and activities left or ceased organically. It has just recently happened again on a bigger scale. What doesn’t serve me can’t stay. It’s how it is although that doesn’t make it easy.

My prayer is to accept what is happening as if I chose it, because I did. I chose Love. I declared my devotion mindfully. My awareness of Perfect Love is everything. My intention is to live each breath into the Truth of what I am, what We are and co-create a world of complete abundance for All, in Perfect Love.


Guest Contributor Amy Castillo

Amy Castillo. In the yurt with two grand babies.









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