Thinning the Veils –Journey of Creation 02.11.25

Guiding Thought

Perfect Love, the Source and Truth of our Self, imbues us with the will to create with Love. We are able to create through our own free will, extending Perfect Love. Loving creation was given freely to us; therefore, we give freely of our own loving creation. We joyfully create through Perfect Love, with Perfect Love, as Perfect Love.

Reflection / Contemplation

I am grateful to Know and be aware that the Source and Truth of my Self is the will to create with Love.

When I first began in a meditation group I heard a reference to veils. When I asked for clarity it was explained that veils are the invisible layers/blocks we create to support the version of separation from God aka Source. It was also mentioned that Self inquiry and healing thinned the veils and that being around certain people and situations may give you a sense that the veils have thinned. All very mysterious to me at the time.

Being afraid to appear as clueless as I felt, I didn’t ask more questions, although I had a thousand! I had just discovered a spring in the middle of the desert and I was very thirsty for spiritual knowledge. Know Thyself became my new mantra for the next 25 years.

Over that time I have explored and experienced a multitude of “ways” to heal and reveal. I used quotations around ways because I have found a point on each path where it becomes obvious that the ‘way’ they teach about, is considered The Way–a finite savior. That has been my signal to ‘pick up my mat and walk’. The great news about a free society is that there is a banquet of ways out there and then another multitude of sub-banquets, each with their own ‘ways’ complete with rituals and jargon.

While tasting many of the offerings I have found many sames–I call these nuggets Universal Truths. Love for self and others and living from the principle of Love, compassion and kindness. There is a whole bunch of programs and beliefs that we all don’t even question because it’s the way things have been for so long and we are afraid things could get worse.

I stayed in the dark about my personal truths for two reasons–one, I was afraid to be kicked out of my tribe and the second was because what if I was wrong and they were right (fill in the blank on who they are–the rule setters for being a good person).

What occurred for me was that the pain of trying to be something I’m not grew to such an excruciating level that I let it all go. That’s when I discovered the treasures within. A peace that transcends understanding and a Devotion to Love as my true north. The core Truth for All of Us is that we are from Source. For each of us this human walk is an opportunity to live fully in this Truth and express it as Us. What started as Know Thyself has morphed into Love Thyself. When I am living and creating with and as Perfect Love, I resonate in Love with All life. It isn’t my work to do for another, yet my Love Field generates a powerful Light that makes me now one of those people whose presence supports the thinning of the veils. The Truth of the Love we All are, is free to be created with joyfully.


Guest Contributor Amy Castillo

Amy Castillo. In the yurt with two grand babies.









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