State of One Mind –Journey of Creation 02.11.26

Guiding Thought

When our minds and wills are free, they recognize only Truth. Our minds and wills are free in the Knowledge of Union with Perfect Love. When we are in the state of One Mind and Will of Perfect Love, we create Freedom and Truth for ourselves and All.

Reflection / Contemplation

I have been chosen to be this expression of Perfect Love, and so have You. Chosen to be I. In Union with a Love that Knows the purity It Beholds, a Loving Yes is Its response. With that Knowing, Freedom and Truth step forward to escort me in the Now. When I live into being chosen for the State of One Mind, I take whatever Life is showing me right now and claim it, with enthusiasm, passion, focus and intention. My heart is open and willing to know this about Myself and All others. I bring a Presence of Perfect Love as my contribution to the Light. This is Divinity created.
All, am I.


Guest Contributor Amy Castillo

Amy Castillo. In the yurt with two grand babies.









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