Truth of my World –Journey of Creation 02.11.28

Guiding Thought

What do we value? How much do we value it? When we clarify these questions, we establish the value of our goal. Then, we consciously bring this value to all our thoughts and actions, measuring our behavior against the criteria set by our values. The means for accomplishment reveal themselves as we clarify our intentions.

Reflection / Contemplation

I value Love. How much I value it is measurable each day. Love is my guide, my inspiration, and my center. The criteria set by my values means that Love guides my actions, behaviors and thoughts. People who know me know that Love is my highest value. I have been told many times that people feel It when they are around me and have a massage from me. When I align with the Love I am it permeates me and all I am engaged with. What they feel isn’t the Love I am, they feel the Love they are, the Love of All. My intention is to be that Love generator. When I look into the collective consciousness and guess about what we collectively value based off of behavior and actions, I’m puzzled. When I hear rioting people screaming for peace, or see homeless children starving yet trillions get spent on war, our collective behaviors don’t make any sense! Is it our imprinted history that makes us want for a different result yet not seem to move past what we continue to do? How can we get to that world most of us long for when the apparent values held are violence, scarcity and indifference. I choose not to focus my energy on the distractions of these aspects. Knowing all that I have control over are my own actions supports me to focus on Love. Me,being me,and being that Love conduit, anchors more Love on the earth. I consider my devotion to Love my calling. My impact on my world is witnessed by the Love I see reflected in others. The Truth of my world is that Love is all there is, and my highest value.


Guest Contributor Amy Castillo

Amy Castillo. In the yurt with two grand babies.









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