Love Lighthouse –Journey of Creation 02.11.40

Guiding Thought

There are no degrees of Love. Love is Whole, Full, and Perfect. Love in action is Creation; Love’s creations are Whole, Full, and Perfect. When I express Love, I am being creative in its Truest sense. Creativity is Love in action, and produces activities, relationships, and experiences which are Whole, Full, and Perfect.

Reflection / Contemplation

Love is my natural state of Truth.  I previously created a lot of my life and relationships outside of my conscious alignment with my Love nature.

Love, being All there is, is never out of alignment with me. My free will enables my ability to create my relationships from whatever I am focused on and in vibrational frequency with.

The conscious awareness that Love is me, I am Love, attracts people, inspires actions and creates relationships built on the Love and Wholeness, I AM. Moving in my life from this foundation of Wholeness, Love is Created in every breath and in each step. The Power of Love is in us All. The super human opportunity is to yield to that, open wide to that Fullness and Be the Love. We are Creators!

Co-creating with Love! It is available 24/7, no limits or exceptions. We have the ability to adjust the flow we swim in. Doubt and fear contract the flow, trust and believing open it up. Being willing to be the conduit of Love means I am willing to address the small self and its insecurities.

I can lovingly be the Knower to this aspect. “I Love You”, I say to her as many times as needed to ease and end the static of contrast.

There is only Love.

Any ‘other’ is simply an illusion needing to be loved back to clarity. There are no degrees of Love. It is the foundation of All Life, and All of Creation. My Journey has supported revealing the Love that has been beneath the unforgiving aspects that I have claimed as me. It has supported the dismantling of measuring structures I created to qualify for Love, which needs no qualifications.

Being Whole, Full and Perfect, Love Is Me and All others. It is Us. My calling is to Know this, to hold this as the Truth that it Is. I, as Love, will be here, Loving. Without intrusion or a mission to change or enlighten any other. The beacon of my Love Lighthouse is mine to tend. I am of the Light in Creation with Love, in its Truest sense.


Guest Contributor Amy Castillo

Amy Castillo. In the yurt with two grand babies.









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