An Open Letter of Gratitude

Dear Mary, Lita, and Amy, (and anyone doing the work), 

On Thursday, Amy completed day 40 of Journey of Creation. On Friday, she sent me an email with six words: “Feeling SO much gratitude for you”.

Six words. And I felt it.

So I went into the feeling of gratitude and returned it to Amy.

That then expanded to thinking/feeling about all three of you: the three people who have given me so much over the past five months. I wept with gratitude for the three of you, for your being, for your willingness, for your courage and beauty and creativity, your actions, your contributions, your lives. (I still have tears of joy and gratitude, and I began this over an hour ago…)

Here is a small metaphor for what you gave me, what I saw in your actions, and what you/we are contributing to humanity through accomplishing these Journeys.

When geese fly in a “V”, the lead goose bears the full-force of air resistance, breaking it up, distributing it down both sides of the “V”, so that each subsequent goose in line feels less and less of the air resistance. The geese collectively understand that a) they benefit from the work of the lead goose b) the lead goose gets tired at some point, after bearing the full force of the air resistance. Thus, the geese rotate the position of lead goose. A goose from down the line of the “V”–one that has received benefit of all the geese ahead of it–flies to the front, taking over the lead, and allowing the now-former lead goose to drop back and rest, to fly in the wake of the “V”, where there is less wind resistance.

I was the lead goose on the Journeys from 2013-2019, and I was tired. The three of you flew in and took over. I have been able to rest, to rejuvenate, to follow in your wake using less of my own direct energy, and allowing you to bear the wind, break the force.

And I feel it. And I am so deeply grateful.

This does not mean that I haven’t been working–my “wings” have still been flapping! But being caught in your currents has meant that my energy, my love, my life-force could be utilized in other ways. And I am so deeply grateful.

As for what you/we are contributing to humanity: Everyone is a goose whose consciousness is flying upward, whether they know it or not. Everyone is in someone else’s wake (think of any spiritual leader who has served Love–that person was a lead goose). We are now at a point in humanity’s evolution of consciousness when people are realizing a) that they are part of a collective, which they both contribute to and benefit from b) that they have what it takes to be the lead goose– everyone has a contribution to make.

Much of humanity remains unconscious, flapping along in a current created by others ahead of them, sometimes drifting away, sometimes resisting. But everyone has the potential to become the lead goose, whether they know it now or not.

Every contribution to the upward flight of humanity’s consciousness benefits everyone. For the Journeys that you each lead, you benefited all of humanity: everyone was in your wake. The work was with words, the force was invisible, the effect silent; everyone moved. Feel your power. I do.

This is always true, whether the work you do (or anyone does) is a Journey, or a massage, or a drum circle, or a shaman’s flight, or any other modality that increases awareness, that shares the Love and Oneness within you. When I am lifted, All are lifted. When one finds the Light, Light is opened to All. You lifted me; you opened Light for me. And I am so deeply grateful.

Anyone doing work to uplift humanity is doing the work of the lead goose. More and more people are understanding this, more and more people are becoming lead geese.

Thank you all for being lead geese for me–for all of humanity–over these past several months. I commit to you, and to all, to carry forth Love and Oneness for the benefit of All.

Om Namo Namah.


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