“How Does It Feel”–Journey of Freedom 02.12.01

Guiding Thought

Love is my natural state; In Love I remember who I truly am; I remember my holiness, my innocence, and my infinity. Love enlightens my mind and lifts my heart. I feel buoyant and expansive! I am now aware of my Self as Infinite Love, unbounded and free.

Reflection / Contemplation

There is a writing of Saint Germain, I recall, which goes something like, “What is meditation, after all, but feeling“?

In other words, relevant to the Guiding Thought:

  • What does Love as my natural state feel like?
  • What does it feel like to be in Love and remember who I truly am?
  • What do holiness, innocence, and infinity feel like?
  • What do an enlightened mind and a lifted heart feel like?
  • What is the feeling of being buoyant and expansive?
  • What is the feeling of awareness of my Self as Infinite Love, unbounded and free?

Every day when I do the Journey, I do my best to feel it.

So often I fall short.

I focus. I read with intention. I concentrate.

But, so rarely do I feel it. 

My logical brain steps in and says something about “agreeing with the premise”. (At least it agrees!)

My little-brain finds some distraction that leads me down an unintended stream-of-consciousness path before I realise I am there, but then pull myself back to focus.

I think about “wanting to get it” —- “I should be able to do this by now” —- “Why don’t I feel it?—-

And so on…

For 5 minutes of reading the Guiding Thought were these little, very subtle nudges of “you’re not there…you’re not there yet…you don’t feel it…you’re not getting it…”

All because I don’t feel it.

So I ask:
Does the striving to feel it just get in the way?
Or does the striving–even with the back talk and distractions–work through my objections so that when the time comes, I can just feel it naturally, without thought?



Journey of Freedom (August 11 – October 01) is now available as a free book.
You no longer need to wait for the Guiding Thoughts to be posted here daily–you may move at your own pace. This link will take you to the document in Dropbox; you may download it from there.

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