You Can Make It Through Anything –Journey of Freedom 02.12.04

Guiding Thought

Divine energy nourishes me, heals me, and brings God into my mind and body. Enlightenment moves me, awakens my Soul, and firmly grounds me in all I do. My energy creates my life experiences; my being is only love and light.

Reflection / Contemplation

I trust God.

I trust my Self.

I trust myself.

Even when life feels out of control…Even when I feel like the world is against me…Even when I have no idea what the future will bring…

I trust God.

I trust my Self.

I trust myself.

Imagine Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, then in front of Pilate, in front of Herod, in front of a crowd yelling, “crucify him, crucify him!”

He trusted God, His Heavenly Father. He never betrayed His trust in His Father or in His Self. He held his faith in the Divine, allowing that energy to “ground him” even amidst some really intensely harsh worldly circumstances.

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven (which is within you)”…especially in intensely harsh worldly circumstances, when the trial is most difficult.

“And all things will be added unto you”…get through the world’s harshness with your focus on God, and you will get through it and be renewed (resurrected).

Look to that nourishing Divine energy. Let it be you. Act and interact from that energy. Stay seeped in that energy.

You can make it through anything the world throws at you.


Journey of Freedom (August 11 – October 01) is now available as a free book.
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