Fullness –Journey of Freedom 02.12.07

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Guiding Thought

I allow my physical body to experience itself fully as Light and Love. My physical body embodies Light; I am an expanded body of Light and Sound. I move as Light, perceive as Light, behave as Light—I am everywhere—permeating, expanding, unifying, and healing. All things are possible.

Reflection / Contemplation

At first I got hung up on the word “fully”. I thought, “I don’t think I can do that–allow my body to experience itself fully as Light and Love”.

Because when I think fully, I take that as far as I can go: Om, Purnamadah Purnamidam; Purnat Purnamudachyate Purnasya Purnamadaya; Purnameva Vashishyate. This is Full; that is Full. From Fullness comes Fullness.  Take Fullness from Fullness, Fullness remains. 

Fullness is serious. Experiencing Fullness is way beyond what I think I am capable of.

So I was hung up.

But OMGoodness! it didn’t last long.

All of the sudden, for just a short moment, I felt myself expand with Light into the fields, into the trees, into the birds, into the sunlight.

“I am ALL THIS”, I thought…I felt…I was.

But then, of course, when I tried to hold on to it, it was gone. My brain took over again, my emotions were “mine” again.

But for that moment, I Knew: All things are possible (because I AM All things).



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