Guided Tour –Journey of Freedom 02.12.08

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Guiding Thought

My connection with the Infinite Source of Love is and always has been enough. Love loves me always, everywhere. Assured in love, I am perfectly lovable and perfectly loving with all people in all situations.

Reflection / Contemplation

Many people internalize the “I’m not good enough” playlist.

  • “I can’t do anything right”
  • “I’m so stupid”
  • “It’s all my fault”
  • “I wish I were more >fill in the blank< (like him/her, pretty/handsome, successful, etc.)”

Today’s Guiding Thought reminds us that all of that self-talk is simply false. The self-talk only serves the little-mind, the ego, the selfish personality by keeping you alienated from the Truth of your Self. The little-mind wants to prohibit your growth, wants you to trust it instead of your Self, wants you to stay dependent on it.

Have you ever thought about why that might be? Why might the little-self want to prevent YOU from emerging?

  • Maybe it’s afraid.
  • Maybe it doesn’t know how to grow and is afraid of the unknown.
  • Maybe it is just too comfortable where it’s at.
  • Maybe it fears that if YOU grow, you will abandon it.

Today’s Guiding Thought addresses these things gently, slowly, so as not to startle the little mind, to make it run away and hide.

First, the Guiding Thought does not come at you directly, or with a lot of force. It does not ask you to just jump to the idea I am enough. It leads you to this idea through your connection with Infinite Source. My connection with the Infinite Source of Love is and always has been enough. 

In fact, that first sentence is a bit open-ended. You might even ask yourself “enough for what?” And that’s a step in the right direction! When you ask yourself “enough for what?”, the little mind has accepted the premise of being good enough, and is now exploring all of the possible ways that you are good enough. The first sentence bypasses the self talk, and leads you to believing the Truth about yourself, through your connection with Infinite Source.

Every one’s little mind has a different comfort level with accepting the fact of being enough. And many people’s little mind might have a fear-reaction to some degree to that first sentence. So the next thing the Guiding Thought does is to enfold that fear into Love. Love loves me always, everywhere. Now, no matter what the reaction is, no matter what the fear or denial or doubt, Love confirms Its presence, acceptance, and loving embrace of all of that, regardless. The fear has nowhere to go, and why would it want to? What it really wants is Love anyway, so it might as well be with the love that is being given.

Then, finally, the Guiding Thought brings it all home:

It sets assurance up as an undisputed premise. The little mind must accept being assured–especially since it has just been told that Love loves it always.

With that assurance, the Guiding Thought tells you why you are good enough. You are perfectly lovable. not just lovable. perfectly lovable. And on some level, your little mind believes this, and accepts this, because it has just been assured in Love.

Then there’s the stretch. You’ve received the information that your connection with Source means you’re good enough. You’ve been assured that you are Loved. The connection has been made that being good enough means you’re perfectly lovable.

…and then you have to think about being lovable with all people in all situations. It’s not enough to think it, you have to act it. What does it mean to be lovable with people and in all situations? How many of us can say we can do that right now with any degree of competency?

I know this is where I got hung up on today’s Guiding Thought. I went back to the not good enough playlist, specifically this song: “I wish I were more lovable with all people in all situations”.

And the process started again.

I recognized that my connection with Source means I am good enough… that I am loved always, all ways… and that I am perfectly lovable…even when I don’t act (or can’t even imagine) being lovable with people in all situations.

This is the guided tour. My higher mind leads me where my lower mind wants to go, but cannot do it by itself.


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