Affirm the Truth –Journey of Freedom 02.12.10

Guiding Thought

I focus my mind and thoughts on my Inner Divine Self—my Self of Peace, my Self of Joy, my Self of Infinite Being and Intelligence. When I am aware of my Inner Divine Self, I radiate these qualities, expressing the freedom of Being in Life!

Reflection / Contemplation

I am my Self of Peace.

I am my Self of Joy.

I am my Self of Infinite Being.

I am my Self of Infinite Intelligence.

I am my Inner Divine Self.

I am the freedom of Being.

This is how I focus my mind and thoughts on my Inner Divine Self–repetition of the Truth of Being.

Affirming the Truth of my Self, I can’t but help feeling these qualities within me, feeling myself as these qualities, feeling these qualities radiate from me.

Too often, people affirm lies about themselves.

“I’m sick”.

“I’m worried”.

“I’m broke”.

Affirming lies about yourself, you can’t help but feel these qualities within you, as you.

The Truth is:

You are Whole, Holy, Healthy. You may be experiencing illness, or feeling illness, but that is not who or what you are. Instead of saying “I’m sick”, say, “I feel sick” or “this body is feeling certain symptoms of discomfort”. Then affirm, “I am Whole, Holy, Healthy”.

Everyone and everything is in exactly the right place at the right time. You are Divine Intelligence Knowing perfect synchronicity and Divine Order. Instead say, “I may feel worried, but I am Divine Presence which operates with Divine Perfection in all times, in all of Life”.

 Divine Abundance generates all of Life. Life is Infinite and Eternal. There is never any shortage, always enough of All for All. Instead of affirming lack and limitation, say, “I am the infinite abundance of the universe”. “All of Life operates in Infinite Abundance, including me.”

Affirm the Truth.

Replace lies you (and others) tell yourself with the Truth.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Cleanse your mind of Lies. Fill it with the Truth of Being.


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