Transformation through Remembrance –Journey of Freedom 02.12.12

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Guiding Thought

Freely release patterns, habits, and thoughts that inhibit Freedom! Allow your thoughts and feelings to transform through remembrance of Freedom through Love! You were born with everything you need to be free in Love. Allow Love to lead you. Trust Love and surrender to its wisdom.

Reflection / Contemplation

Yesterday, I remembered. Today, through remembrance, I transform.

Several years ago, I wrote this:

…[m]y life is about stepping into being and expressing more of who I am– easily just being myself and sharing that for the good of all. And so as I discover myself (or discover my Self) it is up to me to figure out how to bring that discovery into the world—to express it, to share it.

Part one is the discovery. Part two the expression.

This has been one of the most difficult and ongoing lessons of my entire life. It is scary. It is vulnerable. It is powerful…

Discovery, though, uncovers something that is already there. It is not creation; it is not “manifesting” something out of thin air that you hope to be. It is something that you are, that now seeks/desires expression. Your consciousness of who you are has caught up with itself in physical reality. Or maybe physical reality has caught up with consciousness…

Either way the responsibility falls on the individual to express it. To be it. Figure out how to transform the experience of life to be congruent with a new understanding of the Self.

There are two ways to go about it: the first is expressed in the first paragraph above: act as though you are what you want to be. In doing this, you teach your consciousness to align with those qualities. But the other way is to accept, in consciousness, who you are. Just accept yourself as that which you know you are: your powerful self, your love, your infinity. Transform your mind to align with that self.  As Einstein said, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”  Just choose. Be who you know you are.

The article is titled, “Transformation is Easy When You Step Into Something that IS“, and I feel like it goes hand in hand with yesterday’s reflection and today’s Guiding Thought.

The idea from yesterday is that I/you/we are ALWAYS who we ARE. We are always our Self. We are always our Self of LOVE. But the mind forgets this, and so we need to direct the mind back to remembering by inviting it to think in ways that affirm the Truth of our Self.

When we think/talk about releasing patterns, habits, and thoughts, these are constructs of the mind, which bind it to untrue ideas about who we are–ideas which inhibit Freedom (because when we are our Self, we are Free).

The idea of transformation is not about transforming your True Self. It’s about transforming your mind.

Who you are IS. You cannot be other than who you ARE. You Are your Self of Love. Always.

But you can think otherwise. And changing the thinking can require the time and effort of releasing the patterns, habits, and thoughts that get in the way, and it can require transforming untrue thoughts to True thoughts. This is the only reason it’s a “process” or a “journey”: the mind is getting in the way of your remembering–and being–who you ARE; the mind needs to be lead step by step into the Truth of YOU. You are already Infinite Love, Infinite Intelligence, Infinite Being. Infinity is a big concept for the little mind.

But this is why transformation can also be easy, and can happen “in the blink of an eye”. As soon as the mind gets it, you’re there. Because you already are there.




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