Declaration of Healing –Journey of Freedom 02.12.14

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Guiding Thought

Divine energy nourishes you, heals you, and brings God into your mind and body. Enlightenment moves you, awakens your Soul, and firmly grounds you in all you do. Your energy creates your life experiences; your being is only love and light.

Reflection / Contemplation

The word “nourish” has been a big part of my vocabulary lately, as part of a philosophy of nourish-cleanse-balance. I’ve been cohering the susanwithpearls grounding-philosophy around these three words: when the mind cleanses itself of toxic  thoughts and nourishes itself with loving/healing thoughts, the mind comes into greater balance. When the emotions are cleansed of destructive, traumatic, or petty/small feelings, and compassion, empathy, and harmony replace them, the emotions come into a state of balance, or equanimity. When the body is cleansed of waste material produced as a natural by-product of cell growth, digestion, respiration, and the immune-system destroying unwanted viruses/cells/bacteria, and the body-systems are nourished with foods that promote healthy cell-growth, the body comes to a state of balance/harmony/health.

So today, this mind-body-emotions application becomes expanded even further–into Divine energy.

It seems to me that the Divine energy application represents an “umbrella”, under which the three I mentioned above fall. There is nothing Divine energy cannot do. It can heal the body; it can heal the mind; it can heal the emotions; it can awaken your Soul.

My energy creates my life experience. I want my life experience to be the highest, most wondrous experience it can be.

Thus! over and above all, I declare: I invite, welcome, receive, and accept Divine energy into my mind-body-emotions, to balance and heal all within me which is less than Divine Perfection. I invite, welcome, receive, and accept Divine energy’s love and light as an expression of this body, this mind, these emotions. May All be love and light in my body, mind, and emotions, in my life, my world, my experience. Om Tat Sat.



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