Purify Your Presence –Journey of Freedom 02.12.13

Guiding Thought

Everything is energy. Everything is energy connecting everything! A shift in energy in one place shifts energy other places. Lift your energy to the vibration of Love and Light, to God, to all that is Divine. You are responsible for your energy; choose to free it by releasing the Divine Love within you.

Reflection / Contemplation

In the early 1990’s, I learned the spiritual purification practices of Earth-Air-Water-Fire, loosely from the Vedic tradition. The teacher I learned them from had “Americanized” them, to be suitable for the fast-paced, on-the-go lifestyle of Americans–who (generally speaking) are not inclined toward spiritual practices. Here is the breakdown:

  • Earth: Exercise, nutritious food, fulfilling work, loving relationships, abundance
  • Air: Breathing, taking in Prana and oxygen.
  • Water: Bathing twice a day for at least an hour; drinking lots of clean water.
  • Fire: Sitting with an open fire or candle.

The Elements are Spiritual Building Blocks–they are the first materials created, from which all other materials were formed. Each of these has a physical as well as an energetic, or spiritual, component. All of them cleanse the energy bodies which are associated with the physical body (the auric field). Interaction with the Elements brings Spirit into the physical, and thus brings harmony, balance, and healing into the physical body.

  • Earth practices do more than exercise or move the body: they use the body to bring forth higher qualities of fulfillment, love, or abundance.
  • Air Practices cleanse the body at a cellular level, but also bring higher vibrational energies (prana) into the body.
  • Bathing cleanses the emotional body. Water flows downward, and will “wash” the energy-field from tip to toe.
  • Sitting with Fire cleanses the chakras and removes “stuck” emotions, especially anger; fire will also burn up karmic attachments. Fire burns upward and will “wash” the energy field from toe to tip.

My relationship with the elements has varied and shifted over the years, for example depending on whether or not I had a bathtub, or a space to have a fire, or the inclination to exercise. Since learning them though, I have used these practices consciously every day, to some degree.

At their core, these are all purification practices. They cleanse the body/mind/emotions of “lower” energies associated with misery, hatred, jealousy, envy–those energies that prevent people from feeling loving-kindness, compassion, generosity, cooperation.

The reason I bring this up today, is due to the last line of the Guiding Thought: You are responsible for your energy; choose to free it by releasing the Divine Love within you. I’ve been “out and about” amidst a lot of energies lately, and when I come home, I feel my personal energy has become heavy, distorted. I take a bath, and it’s gone! I am lighter again!

Imagine if everyone did one thing just one day to cleanse their energy bodies, and to remove lower energies of misery–one thing, as simple as taking a walk, taking a bath, or sitting with a fire. And in that one day, what misery, anger, or hatred could be transformed! Imagine what the world would be like if people did this consciously everyday. What would you feel like if you didn’t have to walk around with a build up of negative energies in your mind/body/emotions. And it’s not like taking a bath or sitting with a fire is difficult, you know?

The greatest gift you can give humanity is the purity of your own presence.
~Leonard Orr 




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