Love in My World –Journey of Freedom 02.12.16

Guiding Thought

Through your physical body, bring Divine Light and Love to the physical universe. Heal unresolved issues through loving thoughts, words, and emotions, and become lighter and brighter. Bring light to all you have denied and heal your past-present-future NOW. Every day you are lighter and lighter!

Reflection / Contemplation

I am an Aquarius, and very “Aquarian” in nature–or so I’m told. That is: I prefer thinking, logic, and rationality (Air signs) to feeling, emotion, or intuition (Water signs); I prefer to think about things in universal terms rather than individual terms; I am extremely independent and do not generally even think to rely on anyone for anything; I can come across as aloof, detached, and uncaring (because I’m “always in my head”, but not because I don’t care–but you have to know me to know this). Generally speaking, I don’t like poetry (I like philosophy). I don’t like reading or hearing about people’s personal drama (I’d rather analyze it). I find the discussion of detailed steps tedious (talk to me about the big picture!).

Yet… my rising sign is Scorpio. With characteristics of deep emotion, high intuition, passion, and intensity, everything I just wrote above becomes reversed with Scorpio.

We are all walking conundrums, in my humble opinion. Each of us is the only one who can figure out the puzzle of “me”–and what an exciting puzzle it is!

Most of the time, I am in my Aquarian nature, but recently, this poem wrenched me from it:

To Love you is to daydream of you often, think of you so much, to speak of you proudly, and miss you terribly when we are apart.
To Love you is to cherish the warmth of your arms, the sweetness of your kiss, the friendliness of your smile, the loving sound in your voice, and the happiness we share…
To Love you is to never forget the adversity we have overcome, the tears we have shed, the plans we have made, the problems we have solved, and the pain of separation.
To Love you is to remember joyfully the days we made memorable, the moments that will live forever in our hearts,
The dreams we hope for, the caress and touches of love, and the exhilaration of love that fills our hearts.
To Love you is to need you, want you, hold you, and know you as no one else can.
To Love you is to realize that life without you would be no life at all.
(Author Unknown)
(See full post here)

Every line struck me so deeply. My Aquarian nature rebelled, and wanted to roll its eyes, to minimize the emotion, to give no credence to the meaning (it feels so dependent, so dramatic!). But I couldn’t do anything but agree with all of it, to feel it. Each line is so specific. It’s not about universal love. It’s not about “Love and Light”. It’s not about any of that abstract stuff that my Aquarian nature loves so much. This is so concrete, so real life.

With every line, Love became more real and more tangible to me in my world.

Because I have this. I have this kind of Love. I have this person.

I have the person who brings the universal – big L – Love into my every day life, without whom there would be no life at all.


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3 thoughts on “Love in My World –Journey of Freedom 02.12.16

  1. Follow your heart and you will not go wrong… 🙂

    “The moment you have in your heart this extraordinary thing called love and feel the depth, the delight, the ecstasy of it, you will discover that for you the world is transformed.”. Jiddu Krishnamurti


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