Don’t Let Distractions Sway You –Journey of Freedom 02.12.17

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Guiding Thought

Allow your physical body to experience itself fully as Light and Love. Your physical body embodies Light; you are an expanded body of Light and Sound. Move as Light, perceive as Light, behave as Light. You are everywhere—permeating, expanding, unifying, and healing. All things are possible.

Reflection / Contemplation

I’ve always (for now going on 40 years) “seen” myself as light. Even before I understood it, even before I knew it was “a thing”, I used to draw/color pictures of myself engulfed in light–mostly gold with pinks and light greens, sometimes purples and blues.

Sometimes it’s easier to be in that space of having only slight-awareness, instead of being fully aware. When I used to draw/color myself as light, the understanding I had about it was minuscule. I colored this way because it was fun, and it felt good, not because I thought it actually meant anything.

But If I become aware of myself as Light, and accept that as who I am, then I become responsible for it. Once aware I cannot go back to unawareness or ignorance. Or…I suppose I can go back, but why would I choose that? So: Once aware I become responsible for being who/what I know I am. I become responsible for maintaining my own forward-progression.

This is a big deal. If you are experiencing this, you know. It takes commitment and effort not to fall back in to old habits and illusions.

Actually being Light and Love takes no effort what so ever. Light and Love is your natural state–it is who you are in Truth. Any effort, any struggle, any slip is the effect of you believing you are something other than Light and Love.

And, you see…those “effects” are not even True, because they derive from something that is not True–a false belief about who you are. So even the “effects” serve only to keep you from understanding the Truth about yourself.

This is why the only focus to maintain forward-progression is the Truth: You are an expanded body of Light and Sound. You are Love Itself, the very nature and Source of All that IS. This is your Truth. This is your reality. Claim it. Take responsibility for it. Be It.



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