Forging Anew –Journey of Freedom 02.12.18

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Guiding Thought

Your connection with the Infinite Source of Love is and always has been enough. Love loves you always, everywhere. Assured in love, you are perfectly lovable and perfectly loving with all people in all situations.

Reflection / Contemplation

Normally, I am a very thoughtful, introspective, contemplative person. As such, the Journeys are “easy” for me–I just sit down and do what I love to do: read, think, and write.

I’ve been having some difficulty this Journey. Much more of my energy wants to go toward action, rather than thought. Sitting and thinking feels like a waste of time. >GASP!<

I want to go, I want to move, I want to do something.

A few days ago, I mentioned purification practices of earth, air, water, and fire. With my thoughtfulness, I very naturally exhibit and embrace the qualities of air. Earth is the most foreign to me, and the most difficult for me to grasp, to really embody. Earth takes work.

This was not always the case for me. Earth has been a very pleasurable and consistent way of life for me, as I have done a lot of “outdoorsy” stuff, done a lot of “exercise stuff”, a lot of gardening, etc. But this, now is different.

Things change when they comport themselves differently in relation to something new.

Earth and Air are now comporting themselves differently for me, in relation to Freedom

The emphasis on each is changing: the emphasis on Air is declining; the emphasis on Earth is increasing.

Why do I suppose this is?

Because now, I can no longer remain “in my head” (air). My work must be in the world (earth). My freedom lies in bringing my connection with the Infinite Source outward, and trusting/having faith that It is enough. It’s one thing to think it; quite another to live it–especially when there are things such as food and shelter that this body enjoys having. Will my connection with Infinite Source feed this body? Will that connection be enough to pay my rent?

We grow up (at least I did, in the United States), in a system that is all about making money: if you have money, you are thriving, and you can have as much of the food and shelter that you can get for the money you earn. In this system, faith, trust, reliance…all those things are about exactly the opposite of having Faith or reliance on Divine Source to provide; in this system, they are about relying on yourself (or friends or family) to get the right job (or just any job), about relying on yourself to keep that job (which can mean doing unethical or unkind things), and it often means doing things that go against the emotion of a deeper happiness. In fact, here in the good ol’ US, many people literally kill themselves slowly to remain in this system.

So, here I am, bucking the system, forging a new path, turning up the Earth element, placing my faith in Infinite Source, relying on myself only to remind myself that that is enough, and that I am lovable and loving in ALL situations.

This is my responsibility, if I am to be free of the conditioning of my economic-social upbringing.




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