Scratching the Surface –Journey of Freedom 02.12.20

Guiding Thought

Focus your mind and thoughts on your Inner Divine Self, your Self of Peace, your Self of Joy, Your Self of Infinite Being and Intelligence. When you are aware of your Inner Divine Self, you radiate these qualities, expressing the freedom of Being in Life!

Reflection / Contemplation

What is the Truth of you?
Who are you?
Are you that body?
Are you these thoughts?
There is something of you more than that body because there is something thinking about that body;
There is something more than those thoughts, because there is something aware of the thoughts.
There is something aware of you that you are also aware of.

How aware can you be of its awareness of you?
Try it.
Every motion, every thought
Be aware of the awareness behind your awareness.

Then you begin to scratch the surface of the Truth of you.






Journey of Freedom (August 11 – October 01) is now available as a free book.
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