The Illusion of Chains –Journey of Freedom 02.12.26

Guiding Thought

Through our physical body, we bring Divine Light and Love to the physical universe. We heal unresolved issues through loving thoughts, words, and emotions, and become lighter and brighter. We bring light to all we have denied and we heal our past-present-future NOW. Every day we are lighter and lighter!

Reflection / Contemplation

I practice because I do not recognize the Truth that is before me.

I practice when I do not recognize the Truth that is before me.

Practice slowly severs the chains that bind my mind to illusion.

But, there are no chains, there is no illusion. There is only Truth—

For me to wake up and see,

Which sometimes I do

And then I remember that I exist in Peace, in Unity, in Freedom, in Forgiveness.

All is Clear, Pure, Innocent.


Practice makes it possible for me to wake up (until I wake up finally).

But while I am asleep, I must continue to practice—

In the hardest times,

During the most troublesome situations,

In the most distressing circumstances—

Practice !

These times are the ego-mind tightening the chains.

These are the illusion convincing you it is real.

These times are the hardest times to remind myself of the Truth.

But that is why I must !

Gently, lovingly, forgive, and remind myself: I am innocent and Free.


The chains I have wrapped around myself,

that I struggle to throw off,

that I chip-away at with practice—

They are of my own making!

I am free!


I am free because I am innocent. Chains of punishment are not necessary; I have done nothing to deserve them.  My struggle is with myself, in an elaborate dream of my own making.

In this dream, one side knows I am free, the other wants to keep me in chains. Only one leads to Truth.

In this dream, practice is the battle.  In the depths of illusion I remind myself of Truth. Yet I fight it.  Practice !  “Fight” back!  Gently, lovingly—forgive. And then, let go. And simply remember. Simply be with forgiveness, innocence, and freedom, and Know they are so.

This is the wax and wane of dualistic life. For as long as your physical body exists for the ego and not the Divine Self, I will feel the tightening of chains, I will feel the persuasion of the ego calling me to illusion.

If (when) I feel these chains, if (when) I follow the persuasion, I experience the ego and meet with hard times; I experience distress and trouble, which can either be fought with practice, or succumbed to—and if succumbed to, then the ego wins that battle.

The cycle is broken through practice.  Practice reminds us of the Truth, through hard times, or easy times.  But it is practice in the easy times that gives us strength for the hard times.

Practice strengthens the voice of the Divine Self, over and above the ego.


Guard your thoughts!


But remember:

It is only the ego at war with itself, in a dream of your own making.

The Divine Self defends Truth by existing in Truth, not by attacking an illusion—to attack an illusion is insane.

When (if) you are in “battle” you know  that the ego is fighting only itself. You know this because you are in battle.

As long as there is dualism, there will be these “battles.” There will be conflict. There will be struggle.


But that is why you are here.  We (you and I) bring the practice that loosens the chains for all—gently, lovingly, with the strength and power to stand in the illusion and know it’s not real, and “fight” the illusion with the power of Truth and Love and Forgiveness. This is ours because we can withstand the persuasive voice of the ego and return Home for rest between battles.


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