Journey of Peace begins TODAY!

I have a real treat for you this Journey.

Not only do we have a new Guest Journeyer, Steve Wallace, but two previous Journeyers, Mary Wallace and Lita Artis, will be adding their reflections on each page. You get  4 for 1 (I will also be adding my reflections to the comments)!

If there is any time that you have wanted to begin a Journey, do a Journey with other supportive people, now is the time. Just join us in the comments.

For those of you who are new here, let me give you a bit of an overview. Each day for 40 days, we contemplate “Guiding Thoughts”, which are statements of Higher Truth, to lead you with baby steps into the Truth of Who You Are–your Divine Self. Then we write about what comes up after that contemplation. 5 minutes or 45 minutes, 5 words or 500 words,  beginner of expert (and no one is an expert!), all is welcome.

To begin, though, (which is later today), we first write some thoughts about what Peace means to us, what we hope to “get” or learn from contemplating Peace for 40 days. Then tomorrow will be a brief dedication and commitment, so that we make a clear decision (proclamation) to accomplishing what we set out to do, and dedicate it to something greater than ourselves (like “the benefit of all”).

The process of contemplating the Truth of Who You Are daily, leads the “little mind”, which is caught in the misery of the world, into an expanded view of the Self–the Higher Mind, which is freedom from the world and its misery. We then take this new Self-conception out into the world, our relationships, our work, and live from actions of the higher mind. This is how we create the world anew; this is how we heal the destruction that has been so embedded in our mutual human history; this is how we bring love and peace to the planet and to each other; this is how we be the change.

I will have the Guiding Thoughts available for download soon. Stay Tuned!


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