Quiet — 02.13.01

Guiding Thought

I am Love. I have infinite Love to give; therefore, I am able to give Love infinitely. Filled with Love, my energy is vibrant. All of Life responds to my inner State of Being with mutual harmony.


Infinite love is like a bottomless well, an unending source that cannot be drained. It is always available, if I can but tap it, be aware of it. This is the source of true peace, this quiet, fulfilling source of All. When I am quiet, in spirit, I am most able to feel a part of this Love. Taking time to see the autumn colors, reds, and orange, yellows and green, when I look with love upon my Loved ones.  Then I can feel it in my heart, and know there is peace.  To take time to note the sunset, the twilight tapestries that God provides, to be quiet, brings to me a feeling of peace and harmony.


The Quiet

Of a Morning

To Listen

No barking, no airplanes

No cars, no kids, no phones

Listen loudly, Still quiet

No sound, no wind, no chimes

So full, soulfull

Green Bamboo on Blue Sky

A Lover’s smile, touching Peace

I hear it all.

Wind arises, Bamboo sways

Another Smile, still quiet

Gently stand, softly move

In Rhythm to the quiet

A flicker sounds, still quiet

Breath Gently, hear greatly

The Silence of the moment.

Something moves our Spirit

To Peace –

Still Quiet


A quiet morning outside with Mary, enjoying together the peace and quiet of home.

6 thoughts on “Quiet — 02.13.01

  1. I am Love. I have infinite Love to give; therefore, I am able to give Love infinitely. Filled with Love, my energy is vibrant. All of Life responds to my inner State of Being with mutual harmony.


    Love is infinite. I am both that Love and that infinity. That is the reason I have infinite love to give. I can give what I am, because what I am is what I have.

    Love is one of those things that can be given and not lost. If I give you a penny, I no longer have the penny. But if I give you love, not only do I not lose it, but it increases for both of us. The more I give, the more I have.

    If I am giving love infinitely, and that love is increasing every time I give it, then infinity increases. This has always been a fun thought for me. How can something that is already infinite continue to become MORE infinite?

    And, of course, if what I give “out there” is love, infinitely, then EVERYTHING is the same love that I am, and the I am giving out–because it’s infinite, existing everywhere in all time. And if EVERYTHING is that same love, then how could it not respond to itself with harmony?


    I am Love, I have infinite Love to give? Seriously?! If this is true for me today, I sure don’t feel it! it is not because “I am Love”, but rather because I am the recipient of infinite Love. I had knee replacement surgery less than a week ago. While it seems my inner State of Being has not been at its most harmonious, Life is truly responding with mutual harmony. I sat at this table briefly yesterday working on a craft project. Some of my favorite, restful music was playing. The view from the glass doors by my table included sunshine, blue sky and maple trees in a glorious riot of autumnal colors. On my other side, a ledge filled with “get well” cards, many of them hand crafted. On the stove, personally catered soup created with lots of love and natural ingredients. This is, perhaps, how “All of Life responds to my inner State of Being with mutual harmony”. Or, methinks, it may well be “my inner State of Being responding to All of Life with mutual harmony.” A timeless cycle in the making? Or the source of all “which came first, the chicken or the egg” and other such conundrums?

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  3. Journey of Peace – Day 1
    I am Love. I have infinite Love to give…
    What a way to start. I am Love. I have infinite love to give.
    For the last several days I have been beginning my mornings with a body meditation, a ritual, and routine of sorts before I head out for my walk and my day. Usually it is that I roll out of bed and head out the door and to my day, and then it is afterwards that I snatch time to write, meditate, chant, or do whatever I can to engage with my own Love/Divinity. I am very faithful that way, but now that I look at it, it feels like I am chasing myself and my day.

    Today I truly own the Love that I Am, and that infinite Love available. I have been well trained to give it away to others, to nature, or world; always away. In this manner of being, my access to Love has not felt like the Infinite pool of availability, more like my trying to find the key to the door.

    As in my morning body meditation/activity, I am starting my day by loving myself, a direct line to that infinite love. Given my curious nature, this experiment with the timing of diving into this Infinite pool of Love, shall be an interesting one to watch, especially today.

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    • “Chasing myself and my day…” I can relate to these words. When I fall out of rhythm with my morning routine (meditation/prayer/etc), the day just feels different, like something is missing, and I am always trying to catch up to “it”. All I need to do is to start the day “right”, focused with intention, through my practices.


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