Exaggeration as Inspiration– 02.13.04

Guiding Thought

I am fulfilled! I am filled to the utmost capacity! I embody All that is. I am beyond complete! I accept and receive the beautiful gift of Life and Know the perfection of the Love I Am. In gratitude I share this Love with All that is.


Wow. These are heady words. Beyond complete! Filled to bursting with Love and gratitude. I love it. It brings to mind two of my favorite people on the planet; my wife Mary, and a dear friend in Hawaii. They are some of the happiest people I know. They laugh a lot, and find so much in their lives to be grateful for. And they share that gratitude generously with all. They have just as many challenges in their lives as the rest of us, it’s not that Life goes easy on them.  But they smile, and laugh, and find Joy all about them, even in trying circumstances. They are inspirations to me.

In the Buddhist tradition, Bodhisattva vows make some amazing statements, such as:  Sentient beings are numberless. I vow to save them. Desires are inexhaustible. I vow to put an end to them. At first these vows seemed absurd to me, they are impossible to achieve. And yet, these vows are inspirations that point us in the direction of what we can aspire to in our lives. They are “exaggerations” that inspire me.  And that makes me laugh. I am a Virgo by nature, and “Virgos never exaggerate”. (Not!) So now I chuckle and laugh and appreciate these “exaggerations”.

So it is with much gratitude and loving laughter that I embrace the possibilities that I am beyond complete and fulfilled to the utmost capacity. I am filled to bursting with gratitude!

Simple. To experience wholeness, to simply be. So often my journey is an intellectual search. If I can just read the right book, crack the one koan, meditate deeply enough. If only.

Simple to just be, to pause at the water’s edge, and experience the sights, sounds and smells. No analysis needed. That is Freedom.

4 thoughts on “Exaggeration as Inspiration– 02.13.04

  1. DAY 4 PEACE – Mary
    I am fulfilled! Today I find myself harkening all the way back to ……yesterday! That part of the guiding thought that said “nothing need be done”. Here I am sitting at the same table as yesterday. Looking at the same lovely autumnally painted maple trees. Witnessing the same sunshine, the same gentle breeze kissing the leaves and encouraging their dance. But wait – what’s that you say? “Nothing is permanent but impermanence”? This is NOT the same table as yesterday, or even earlier today (God know you wouldn’t recognize it by the stuff all over it)! As well, the trees, leaves and breeze are all new, delightfully unique and fresh. How can I not be “filled to capacity” with appreciation and Love for All that IS. For, in only a moment, it IS NOT, and that’s precious, too.
    (Click here for picture)

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  2. I am fulfilled! I am filled to the utmost capacity! I embody All that is. I am beyond complete! I accept and receive the beautiful gift of Life and Know the perfection of the Love I Am. In gratitude I share this Love with All that is.


    Gratitude is the word that stands out to me in the Guiding Thought. This morning, as I was doing some morning prayers, I felt enormous gratitude. The feeling of gratitude accompanying morning prayers is becoming more common, more regular. This morning, I thought, “Maybe gratitude is really Love. Maybe when I feel gratitude, what I am feeling is Love”.

    Gratitude seems to be like a key, or a bridge that brings lots of other feelings around full circle.
    Feeling fulfilled leads to Gratitude.
    Feeling complete…Gratitude.
    Receiving the gift of Life…Gratitude.
    Knowing the perfection of Love…Gratitude.

    And it’s gratitude that leads to the feeling of wanting to share all those other feelings with everyone, with the world.


  3. Journey of Peace – Day 4 – Lita
    I am fulfilled! I am filled to the utmost capacity! I embody…
    Visually, I am hanging out amidst waterfalls today. There are a number of meditations available in which you call forth gold, silver, or white energy flowing over and into your being. Well, if you can’t get to the waterfall in nature, well, then there is the shower stall.
    Interestingly enough, I am also hanging out amidst the audial waterfall. No, it is not the sound of water cascading down the side of a hillside, although this is rather appealing to me since music and sound healing are fairly central to my meditation interests and practices.
    It is the singer, songwriter Chris Williamson whose song “Waterfall” from her album “The Changer and the Changed” which has found its way from the deep recesses of my memory (song from the 70’s). I went so far as to find it on YouTube and listened to it.
    The lyrics are spot on, all about filling up and spilling over, over all, an endless waterfall. My favorite part, though, is at the end – no lyrics, just instrumentation in which I find myself splashing and dancing in the waterfall, or dancing in the rain, or jumping in mud puddles. What a wonderful feeling. I will savor this today.

    See Picture Here


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