Meant to Be — 02.13.06


Guiding Thought

I prepare my mind for Peace. I prepare my mind to recognize that above all else, I want the Peace that passeth understanding. Today, I offer only this, in humility, and gratitude to my Divine Self: I am willing to let the Peace of God be what it is and I accept myself as I am meant to be.


To accept myself as I am, as I am meant to be is a big step. For myself, my inner critic is still sometimes a strong voice. It is sometimes hidden, but still there. Recognizing that voice, and letting it go has been very helpful to my peace and wellbeing. More and more, I am okay with myself, as I am. I don’t need to be “fixed”.  I only need to get out of my own way. My desire for internal peace drives me on this journey.

I welcome peace, I deserve peace, I am peace.

I am grateful for this wondrous human life that God has given me. I am humbled by the beauty of our world. I accept the Peace of God as it is.

I am meant to be.

I Can Choose — 02.13.05


Guiding Thought

I am now aware of my complete harmony with All of Life. I choose to carry the harmony of Oneness with me in all areas of my life. Awareness of Oneness brings immediate peace to all my relationships and interactions. I choose Peace. I choose recognizing Unity with All.  I choose Oneness with All.


This is what we strive for, the “peace that passeth understanding”. It is a state of being, an awareness within us that All is one.  Knowing that I am included in the All.

I find myself struggling to be present for this reflection. I have started and paused many times attempting to focus on this guiding thought. I am hungry, I need to run upstairs, I want some music, my keyboard is dusty. Anything but recognizing that perhaps I don’t know what to say. Apparently, I am not choosing Peace at this moment.

I think what scares me is the concept that I Can choose Peace. I Can choose harmony, I Can choose Oneness with All. I have come from a place of I want this, but I don’t have it. I don’t deserve it. I don’t know how to control it. I did not know that I can CHOOSE it.

The declaration that I can choose Peace is powerful. It comes from my heart space. It is scary when I think about it (head space), the implications that I have choices, that it is up to me to make these choices.  For me, this is where grace comes into play. I did not create peace or harmony, these are from the All, God, the Creator, our supreme magician. All I need to do is to let go, and find that Peace and harmony that is already within. I am Oneness.

One of my favorite chant songs from Deva Premal and Miten is “Om Namo Bhagavate/Oneness”.

Women sing “Om Namo Bhagavate, Vasu De Vaya”. Men sing “Everywhere I go, I feel the Oneness Inside of me”.  I remember when I first heard it in concert, and when I sang with them, my heart opened so wide, I could feel it expand in my body, and tears fell from my eyes.

“Everywhere I go, I feel the Oneness inside of me”. I choose that. I choose Oneness.