Be the open heart the earth longs for — 02.13.07


Guiding Thought

The Peace of God is stronger than my self-constructed obstacles to it. I open my mind to Holy Communion with the Divine. Brought to union with God, obstacles crumble. Peace stands victorious. I am that Peace.


Polish the mirror The only thing between me and the glorious light of God is the dust on my mirror. Ram Dass says we do spiritual practices not to get to other states, but to get in touch with who we already are, to clear the dust from the mirror, to come more fully into the present moment.

The sun is always shining on all of us, but I cannot see it through the clouds. That glory is always there. When faced to this light of peace, my obstacles blow away like dust in the wind.

A song by Guru Ganesha  says it well:

“May the light of a thousand suns shine upon you

 Live the Life from grace that you were meant to

 Carry the light of God’s Love into this world

 Be the open heart the earth longs for”

4 thoughts on “Be the open heart the earth longs for — 02.13.07

  1. Day 7 – Mary
    Oh boy, just the term “holy communion” still manages to push some buttons for me. My father was Catholic, my mother Lutheran. I spent time attending Sunday School in both religions. It wasn’t all that long ago I was at mass with my father and, following the rules, crossed my hand across my chest indicating I’d not be receiving “holy communion”. According to the Catholic church, I don’t “qualify” to commune with the Divine. It’s been many years since I created my own personal form of faith – I’m sure neither of the religious organizations of my childhood would approve. BUT, in my faith ANYONE can partake in holy communion with the Divine. God/Goddess/Creator/Cosmo-WhizBunny doesn’t really care what religious label is used or what path you take to get there – just as long as you/we/I keep traveling in the Divine’s direction! So, for me personally, religious obstacles crumble and I AM Peace. (If that offends your religious sensibilities – well, so be it.)


  2. Journey of Peace – Day 7 – Lita
    The Peace of God is stronger than my self-constructed obstacles to it. I open my mind…
    Today’s guiding thoughts bring me to my obligations. I am not only participating in this Journey of Peace, but am in the preparation stages for a workshop I will be attending in a month’s time. I will be at a workshop entitled: “The Upper Rooms” referencing the higher brain and chakra centers. How synchronistic is it that I get to practice opening my mind both here with today’s guiding thoughts and in relationship to an upcoming workshop!
    The preparatory work involves some guided imagery to notice where in my subtle body I get best access to this Bigger Mind (and I would say Divinity). Even more important is the groundwork of heart/brain coherency practices (see HeartMath) which take me beyond “my self-constructed obstacles”. This getting out of my own way is through my heart and gives me access to a wider, more global intelligence.
    It is through the practices of the heart we get to be what we so long for.

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  3. The Peace of God is stronger than my self-constructed obstacles to it. I open my mind to Holy Communion with the Divine. Brought to union with God, obstacles crumble. Peace stands victorious. I am that Peace.


    Communion…Community…Communication. When I am conscious of my union with God, all of these things take on a deeper feeling; the most mundane conversations become permeated with gratitude, appreciation, and joy.

    I know this because I just had this experience about 90 minutes ago.

    I met with two people for coffee. They were friends, and I was a newcomer to the weekly coffee meeting. They chatted like old friends (because they are), and I listened– thoughtfully involved, but not vocal (mostly).

    As I often do when I am in “ordinary” situations, I became aware of God by doing mantra and inviting Divine Presence into me and into the interaction. This is one way that I also dismantle my self-constructed obstacles to God.

    The world is distracting; this is why people go to ashrams, mountaintops, retreats, and the like to experience God. In ordinary situations such as coffee with two friends, the world still exists; I have not “retreated” to have some divine revelation or experience when I bring myself in union with God. In other words, in ordinary situations, it’s not like I get a rush of energy that confirms God has arrived and is there and is listening and involved. Most of the time, I just trust that turning my thoughts to God is enough, and I don’t need or look for confirmation. And most of the time, I simply feel more attuned, “centered”, and balanced.

    Also, when I invite God into my heart and into a situation, it’s not like the situation changes (though sometimes it does, quite literally and sometimes dramatically). This morning, the situation was just “normal”. Leonard Orr always used to say, “God is so ordinary people overlook Him”. God is everywhere, in all people, in all places, always, even in the mundane, normal, and ordinary. When I remember God in the mundane, normal, and ordinary, my consciousness then perceives “the ordinary” with divine qualities.

    This morning, the qualities that entered my consciousness when I became aware of God were gratitude and appreciation. I felt so honored to simply be present with those two people.

    The other day, I wondered if gratitude was also love. Today, I wonder if gratitude is also peace.
    Ekam Sat.


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