InterBEing — 02.13.08


Guiding Thought

When I lift my vibration into Peace and Harmony, all are lifted with me. With this awareness comes great responsibility: I am a Peace steward of all humanity, of all Life. Eternal Peace is my natural state. I joyfully and easily share it with all, and fulfill my Divine Purpose in the world.


All life is connected. Our separateness is a delusion, a misperception by our limited ego self. It is said no man is an island. When others weep, I weep. When others hurt, I hurt. Thich Nhat Hahn calls this connectedness  “interbe”. In some ways, it is very much like the world wide web. Yet, I often live my life as if I were a stand alone PC, not connected to a network, unable to share with anyone else.

When I raise my vibrations of Peace and Harmony, because we are All one, my vibrations can lift others too. My prayers for the wellbeing of others Do have impact. The practice of Metta, Loving Kindness involves sending blessings of healing and Peace to those in need.  The interconnectedness of  All beings allows this practice to work.  I believe this healing work is very important, and allows us to help bring peace and harmony to all.

May I dwell in the heart, may I be free from suffering, may I be healed, may I be at Peace.

May you dwell in the heart, may you be free from suffering, may you be healed, may you be at Peace.

May all sentient beings dwell in the heart, may all beings be free from suffering, may all beings be at Peace.