In Honor of Mystics and Poets — 02.13.13

Guiding Thought

In your natural state of Freedom, your mind knows only serene tranquility and Oneness with All. Nothing need be done, for there is no more to do. You are perfect, whole, and complete. Satisfied and filled full, your energy overflows to manifest only the Good, the Holy, the Beautiful.


All I can say is that I am thankful for mystics and poets. I do not always live in a natural state of Freedom, nor does my mind always know only serene tranquility and Oneness with All. I have my moments of such and I may be getting there with a little more surety, but the formulations of my ideas are not always so simple and straightforward. Poets express such profound thoughts with so few words. I am invited into another Universe. I was once told that poets are the ones who link the pre-verbal to the verbal. What a gift this link is

In my travels this weekend I attended a farmer’s market where a live poet composes a poem for you based on a word you provide. In conversation with this poet, I told her that the only other place I had seen this kind of work was in New Orleans, in the French Quarter.  Sure enough, she says she used to do this work in New Orleans. Who knows, she may be the poet I saw there on a trip a few years ago.

I am thankful for mystics and poets with words of reassurance of serenity, tranquility, and wholeness. I asked her to compose a  poem for me.


stars split open

    ancient vibrations

                unseen emanations

living inside sound –

the code of the gods

       the temples who nod

           at deities

                 flowing in celestial

                                valleys –

even in a heartbeat


                is found.

                                                Aislinn Brooke Kerchaer