Silence Fills Me Up — 02.13.14

Guiding Thought

You are fulfilled! You are filled to the utmost capacity. You embody All that Is. You are beyond complete! Accept and receive the beautiful gift of Life and Know that perfection of the Love You Are. In gratitude, share this Love with All that Is.


How do you fill up? What is it that you are longing for to spill over while you are underneath the water fall?

For me it is silence. How interesting it is that I say silence because I am prone to a mind which has the on-button in close to a permanent “on” state. I have established (quite well established, thank you very much) a habit of busy-ness by way of my mind or tasks. I also love to talk about ideas. I do not like to go for walks by myself. I need a walking buddy, so we can talk. Thankfully I have a walking buddy.

It has only been in these last few years that I have really realized that silence for me is restorative. I have had fantasies of being able to get away for an extended retreat, but have placed my obligations to others ahead of my own. This is not to say that I don’t take care of myself. I do.

My schedule opened up this last year with the death of my mother, for whom my husband and I were her primary caretakers. My siblings were gracious in their support of us following her death, knowing the time and energy we gave to her aging and dying process.  “Restoration” was in order. One of my sisters went so far as to offer her home in the mountains of Colorado to me.

Have I gone on that extended retreat? Not yet, but what I have discovered is that I have had more access to these mini-retreats, both at home and on weekend trips, and have found them delicious and restorative.

One such opportunity came a few weeks ago in the form of a 4 day trip to the Olympic Peninsula, here in Washington State. While my husband took some additional hikes, I planted myself on a log and watched and listened to the waves crashing on the beach or sat in the car and took pen to paper for drawing or journaling. I had time to myself and silence as a companion.

I am learning how essential it is for my whole body-being to rest in silence. Even more important is making that happen, the actual sitting under that waterfall of silence, wherever it is.