Beyond Choice — 02.13.15

Guiding Thought

You are aware of your complete harmony with All Life. Choose to carry the harmony of Oneness with you in all areas of your life. Awareness of Oneness brings immediate peace to all your relationships and interactions. Choose Peace. Choose recognizing Unity with All. Choose Oneness with All.


Have you ever had an experience where there was only one option, no choice to make?

Our perceived reality is shaped by our bodies.  One of my resources for sound healing is quite into the study of neuroscience and psychology. He actually did years of brain research pertaining to the acoustics of sound. He says that our brains and bodies are wired for polarization, and thus it seems that our inclination to compare and contrast is biologically determined.

But this, of course, is not the whole picture. We are also wired for Oneness.  Why else would practices for accessing such be available? Or experiences which take choice out of the equation happen? The aforementioned sound healer offers experiences which can strengthen those wires for establishing and securing Oneness. For today, though, I am interested in those experiences whose mediation is somewhat surprising, less facilitated by a workshop or daily practice.

I have little recall of the exact experiences, only the strong feelings remain in my memory. It goes something like this: an existential crisis, most likely related to a primary relationship (could be me to me or me to others, me to the Divine, etc.). Ka chink.  Ka chink. I drop down…to a new reality. A huge insight comes which changes my perception (physical as well as emotional). I cannot go back to an old way of perceiving or behaving. I am changed forever. If I did not follow this line or path, I know something in my soul would die. There was no choice, only doing, as Yoda says.

By whatever means we get to Oneness, I know, takes me beyond choice. I don’t have to choose to be Peace and Harmony with All Life, the interactions, relationships and such. I just Am.

2 thoughts on “Beyond Choice — 02.13.15

  1. Day 15 Peace – Mary
    It’s raining. The forecast for the foreseeable future is rain. We live in Seattle and it’s fall. Sometimes I tend to resist. Fall is NOT my favorite time of year, winter even less so. But, what if I choose harmony? What if I choose Peace. The rain and gray and chill tend to make me more of a home body. I Love my home. It’s one of the most peaceful places in my personal corner of the world. I can choose to quietly read a book, to cook a meal that fills the house with tantalizing fragrance, make greeting cards that will perhaps lift someone’s spirits when they find them in their mailbox, I can focus on some hand-crafted gifts for the upcoming holidays. I can Choose fall as a time for quiet, introspection, warm and loving thoughts crafted into the gifts I make. Autumnal Oneness can be one-derful!


  2. Journey of Peace day 15 Reflection

    Once again, I am struggling with this guided thought. I sit down to write, to ponder what is being said. And nothing comes up. I get distracted, doesn’t my keyboard need cleaning again? Don’t I need a cup of tea? Feed the cat? I think about how often I do not feel in harmony with All of life. And question if Awareness of Oneness is any different than Peace.

    And then I recall a moment of Oneness, and the blocks are gone. Just remembering this “Moment” brings back that experience, and I know that Peace and harmony are possible for me. Awareness of our Oneness IS Peace. The “moment” was in 1979. A dear friend and I were hitch hiking down the Pacific Coast. We were resting at a gorgeous spot upon a small hill overlooking the Battlerock in Port Orford. We put our packs down and sat, simply enjoying the sounds of the ocean, the waves crashing upon the rocks, the smell of the windy ocean air, the rugged beauty of the windswept trees around us. It was the magic that can be found on the ocean’s edge where earth, air and sky come together as One. We stared forward for a while in silence, and then, at the same moment, we both turned and looked at each other. At that instant, I knew that he was seeing the exact same thing as I was. I was seeing the exact same thing that he was. We both knew it, and in that moment we were One.

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