When the Vibrational Quality is Raised — 02.13.18

Guiding Thought

When you lift your vibration to Peace and Harmony, all are lifted with you. With this awareness comes great responsibility: you are a Peace steward of all humanity, of all Life. Eternal Peace is your natural state. Joyfully and easily share it with all, and fulfill your Divine Purpose in the world.


It feels like a tall order to be a Peace steward of all humanity. What I do know is that my immediate circle is very much affected by my vibrational state. Just walk into my house and you will most likely know if I am at Peace or not. My family knows me well enough and they could answer for you pretty quickly.

I am not sure where this dictum originates, but I see it frequently enough that it is anchored in my work when I enter my studio. It goes something like this: the healer’s vibration has to be higher than that of the client in order for healing to take place. Healing occurs when the vibrational quality is raised and matched to that of the healer (entrainment).

This is very much mirrors the “Hundredth Monkey” theory/morphogenic fields for which the biologist is well known as well as Masaru Emoto’s work documents vibrational effects of emotions in water. The HeartMath folks even have equipment with measures personal as well as planetary coherence.

Science aside, this business of raising one’s consciousness, meaning mine and yours isn’t a solitary endeavor. We do choose which morphic field in which to play. I am in it for this alignment, Peace, Oneness for sure, but the implications of what I do for myself are far reaching, this rippling out of my center.

As for the joy, ease and purpose…well, that’s the practice now, isn’t it?