Your Own Personal Portal — 02.13.19

Guiding Thought

The purpose of Life for all beings is to experience happiness, peace, contentment, and safety, Knowing the Oneness and Immortality of the Divine Self. Such knowledge is beyond speech, beyond thought; It is found in the depths of the heart where communion (co-union) with All is reality.  Bring the unifying force within your heart to all people and experiences and thus Know yourself as the happiness, peace, contentment, and safety You Are.


I am stuck on the word “portal” with today’s guiding thoughts. I suspect this is so from other spiritual reading I am engaged with right now. As I understand the word “portal”, it is a structure which can transport you to another place. There are big structures, the human and nature made. The small ones include crystals, beads, cards (tarot and others), etc.

Our own bodies have a portal too. Today I see my heart as this portal which placed between the head and the lower body, the doorway between the ethereal (the Beyond) and the physical. The electrical field of the heart has 40-60 times more amplitude than that of the brain, and the magnetic field of the heart is approximately 5,000 times stronger than that of the brain.  A potent portal indeed!

There are lots of ways to enter this portal of the heart: hands on heart awareness, breath, tapping, breathing with mantra, even the Sign of the Cross.

I wasn’t expecting to go here, but here I am with Christ Consciousness. Since I was raised Catholic, this motion has always been quite unconscious act for me. Structurally, this act opens and closes any ritual, a portal entry and exit. I never really understood or appreciated the portal with this 4 point mudra until I studied acupressure and the metaphysical points associated with this physical act. The Divine enters our hearts in vertical fashion and we extend this out in horizontal fashion, the place where transcendence and incarnation merge.

We go in, connect with the bigger picture and change occurs. We come back out. It is through contemplation I connect with the Divine, and it is through action (back in the world) that I mirror/bring the Divine Heart with me, back to my day to day experiences.

The portal is always available.