Is Anything Not Meditation? — 02.13.20

Guiding Thought

Knowing the essence of All as your Self, you respect and revere All Life. Love your Self, love All Life. Bring this Love regularly, sincerely, and thankfully to all your activities and intentions. Know now the Peace inherent in Oneness. Know All as your Self. Know your Self as Love.


Ahem Prema. Ahem Prema. I am Divine Love. I am Divine Love.

I woke up late this morning, raced to dress and then meet my walking partner. My day has been like this for the last 6 hours. I have more than met my 10,000 steps. Every area of living space in our house is in chaos, with the exception of the kitchen and bathrooms.

We are in the midst of the grand reorganization (getting rid of boxes filled with who knows what, old furniture and beds) and with the intent that little or nothing goes into the landfill. We have multiple staging areas, or so it seems. The scene of chaos is an apt description of our living space. And who knows when it will clear. Soon, I hope.

Ahem Prema. Ahem Prema. I am Divine Love. I am Divine Love.

This mantra popped up for me in the midst of my driving this morning. I do not have to give over to the chaos of my routine and space.

My walking partner and I often repeat stories we tell each other.  I suspect they resurface in light of what is topical to our day. These replays often continue to offer another, deeper layer in our spiritual conversations. Periodically she shares her story of meeting with a Buddhist Lama following a presentation on meditation. She asked how she could ever find time to meditate. She had young children at the time. He told her that her parenting is a meditation. Washing dishes is a meditation. Cleaning house is a meditation.

The chaos in the house is my meditation today. Even the chaos deserves my respect and reverence: Ahem Prema. Ahem Prema. I am Divine Love. I am Divine Love.