WE time — 02.13.21

Welcome to Round Three! 

Thank you for being here– for those of you Journeying on your own/with us, and for those of you just beginning. We are all on the Upward Spiral of Ascension, each taking their own steps to evolve individual and human consciousness to align with and express Divine Consciousness. These Journeys lay out a path to follow on a Journey that has no end (Divine Consciousness is Infinite and Eternal, afterall!). So…Welcome, and I am so grateful for you to be here, adding your light on the path.

In Round Three, the Guiding Thoughts shift from a focus of “You” to a focus of “We”. See this page for an extended explanation.

Also for this round, our Guest Journeyer is now Mary. Lita and Steve’s beautiful reflections will continue in the comments section, so if you have been enjoying their writings, please follow up and read those. Steve will back here for Round Four.

And as a reminder: this is not “my” Journey, not Lita’s Journey, not Steve or Mary’s Journey. This is our Journey– all of us, together. Feel free to add your reflections with us in the comments section.

Guiding Thought

We are Love. We have infinite Love to give; therefore, we are able to give Love infinitely. Filled with Love, our energy is vibrant. All of Life responds to our inner State of Being with mutual harmony.


Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband dearly. AND other than visits to the physical therapist, Steve has been my sole companion for nearly a month now as I limit my activities to recover from getting a new knee. (See? I promised myself I wasn’t going to dwell on THAT topic for the duration of this Journey, and yet, here I am again. – And yet, I can’t simply ignore this major event in my life.) I’ve been longing for some WE time, without even realizing it. We belong to a group that gathers monthly for Kirtan chants. I reluctantly sent a note indicating that I was not comfortable navigating a parking lot and uneven stairs in the dark, and so we would not be attending. It never occurred to me that ALL of the other members of this group cared enough for our presence that they were willing, on rather short notice, to change the venue and to gather at OUR house!  I want to respond with THEY ARE LOVE, but Steve and I are a part of this group, the group dynamic would be different without us, and so I must conclude that WE ARE LOVE!  On a similar note, today I’ve been feeling in need of some girl-time. I called a friend that I typically see for breakfast and crafting once a month or so. She promply responded with “yes, I’ve been waiting for you to be ready, how soon do you want to get together?” So we’re having breakfast early next week, the first date we were both available. I know she’s anticipating our shared time together as much as I am. Such play dates always include a fulfilling state of being, a shared sense of mutual harmony.  As with the Kirtan group, for each of us, It’s WE time, as much as it’s ME time.

2 thoughts on “WE time — 02.13.21

  1. Journey of Peace – Day 21 –Lita
    We are Love. We have infinite Love to give…
    Ah, the collective we.
    My resources for Incarnational Spirituality talk about the complex communities and intelligences which exist within our own bodies, ranging from the biologic to energetic and multidimensional. So even within me is this “we” that has to figure out how to operate in the world, and depending upon my focus, the operation is smooth or not or some variation thereof.
    So here it is. I begin with my musings for the day. I have this image of circles inside of me. I am my own circle, too, and I spend my day bumping up against or merging into other circles of the individual’s we-ness, and then the other circles of my life which include my family, neighborhood, city, country, planet … You get the picture.
    I move back and forth in awareness of my sense and experience of the cooperating forces and my conscious participation in such. I know that I wouldn’t be here if there wasn’t “enough” of all that is involved that got me here and keeps me here and engaged with the variety of communities. When I stop long enough to tap into the driving force of Love, well then the distinctions of I/we don’t really matter, now do they?

    I Live My Life In Growing Orbits
    Rainer Maria Rilke

    I live my life in growing orbits
    which move out over the things of the world.
    Perhaps I can never achieve the last,
    but that will be my attempt.

    I am circling around God, around the ancient tower,
    and I have been circling for a thousand years,
    and I still don’t know if I am a falcon, or a storm,
    or a great song.


  2. Journey of Peace – Day 21 Steve

    Guiding Thought

    We are Love. We have infinite Love to give; therefore, we are able to give Love infinitely. Filled with Love, our energy is vibrant. All of Life responds to our inner State of Being with mutual harmony.

    Reflection – day 21

    We are all in this together. One heart, one love. We have infinite love to share, we are all part of the One. I feel this strongly when we gather together, such as for Kirtan, or walking with a friend on the beach. “Wherever two or more are gathered”. Infinite love cannot be just “I” else it would not be Infinite. We begin to experience WE in our relationship, with our spouse or a friend. Then it expands to a group, a satsang, or a book club. I treasure the “We time” in these gatherings. In the practice of metta, loving kindness, prayers and blessings are spoken for our loved ones, then for those who challenge us, and then expands out to include all sentient beings. This inclusiveness and Oneness is what We become, what I and We long for. We are All brothers and sisters to each other.

    I have found this feeling hard to put into words. If we are all connected, if we all part of the One, then to be aware of this Oneness brings me to WE.

    We are all walking each other home.

    Namaste –
    I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells, I honor the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light and of peace. When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me. We Are One.

    A delightful experience of We; Deva Premal and Miten sing Namaste: (note: Chitananda, Chit – consciousness, Ananda – bliss)


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