Connected — 02.13.22

Guiding Thought

Knowing our Self as Peace fortifies our inner awareness of unity. Through gratitude for the Life we Are, we connect with harmony. Through harmony, we are restored and strengthened, and thus be able to carry our Inner Peace to all of Life’s activity surrounding us.


Went to sleep last night thinking about I and me, you and they, we and us.  This round of the Journey is about embracing WE. Right now I am writing this response to the Guiding Thought. Steve is off to the store, Lita is moving boxes, Susan is making a quick trip to another state. And yet, WE are all connected in the harmony created by making this Journey of Peace together. There are likely other souls out there also on this Journey in a less public way. Steve will smile and chat with a cashier at the store. Lita will share a story with a family member or her walking partner about “who knows what” in one of the boxes. On her travels, Susan will likely chat with her partner about some aspect of this Journey. Like the ripples caused by dropping a pebble into a still pond, each of us will spread this Journey. WE will carry a glimpse of our Inner Peace, our Journey into the world surrounding us. And WE will thus spread the Journey of Peace throughout time and space. And so it is – in Peace and Harmony to all Life.

One thought on “Connected — 02.13.22

  1. Journey of Peace – Day 22 – Lita
    Knowing our Self as Peace fortifies our inner awareness of unity. Through gratitude for the Life…
    I am playing with the challenges to my state of Inner Peace; the ones which keep me from knowing myself as Peace, keep me from harmony and being grateful. I am feeling responsible to the collective “we” by the limitations of what I have to offer. Where and how I show up definitely impacts my community.
    For the past couple of days I have been feeling like a yo-yo: at Peace, and then not at Peace. When I get off course, I tend to be irritable and reactive. I rage at my loss of control over a situation. Two emails today reminded me to see how gratitude can shift my inner state. There are lots of things for which I am grateful. But can I be grateful for these seeming challenges/obstacles which will always be there, the ones which catch me off guard.
    Among the variety of resources for inspiration and enlightenment on my journey is Robert Moss. He writes and gives workshops on Active Dreamwork. He is a shaman, and I love his wit and whimsy. His take on how to deal with our challenges, the demons, so to speak, the ones who sideline us on our journey, is to invite them in and offer them a comfy seat in our living room, even offer them a drink if need be (in our imaginations, of course). Let them settle in, and maybe, just maybe we can have a conversation. No rush.
    So this is what I am doing today, making space. I may not be grateful for these irritants just yet, but this act of invitation, of making a cozy and comfy spot– instead of abandonment or relegation to the closet – for the little and the big challenges, somehow makes this Pilgrimage of Peace I am on just a little less formidable.


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