Witness to Gratitude — 02.13.24

Guiding Thought

We are fulfilled! We are filled to the utmost capacity! We embody All that Is. We are beyond complete! We accept and receive the beautiful gift of Life, and Know the perfection of the Love we Are. In gratitude, we share this Love with All that is.


I am filled beyond full with gratitude today. It’s my birthday – or my birthday week, or month. I have been showered with love from many, many directions today. It’s easy, on days like this, to more closely Know the perfection of the Love we Are.

There’s a link between our emotions and our health and gratitude is one of the healthiest of human emotions. I was at physical therapy yesterday and there were two others present. One was a woman who “needs” knee surgery, but is terrified and unwilling to make the commitment, to take the risk. Another had the same surgical procedure four months ago that I had four weeks ago. She believes healing is hard, painful and takes time. Her healing is at the same place after four months, that mine is after four weeks. My hope is that I presented myself to these people in a way that provided food for thought about “what’s possible” if they test the waters from a different perspective. Yesterday’s Guiding Thought included “our energy overflows to manifest only the Good, the Holy and the Beautiful”, and I’m so very filled with gratitude that I can personally witness this manifestation in my life, and to share it with others to the best of my ability.