Peace Be! — 02.13.25

Guiding Thought

We are now aware of our complete harmony with All of Life. We choose to carry the harmony of Oneness with us in all areas of our life. Awareness of Oneness brings immediate peace to all our relationships and interactions. We choose Peace. We choose recognizing our Unity with All. We choose Oneness with All.


Today was a bit of an unusual day. It seems somewhat rare that I get a stretch of several hours home alone. This was one of those days. I spent part of the morning reading. Later I moved on to working on a gift I’m making for a friend’s birthday coming soon.  At some point, Steve stopped in my study to let me know he had returned from a morning away. After he did that, I realized that “home alone” doesn’t matter like it used to. The Oneness Steve and I share makes it Peaceful if he’s here, and Peaceful if he’s not. We respect each others space, sometimes sharing background music that suits us both, sometimes sharing quiet, sometimes wearing headphones to allow listening to something one of us isn’t in the mood for. We choose Peace. When we leave home, together or alone, we continue to choose Peace. That Peace shows in our interactions with others, whether it’s friends we are getting together with, people we encounter at stores or parks, and especially friends at a distance, those we don’t see or speak with perhaps as often as we’d like, and yet the connection, the Oneness is there, is solid, is unwavering. We choose Peace.