Peace Be! #2: Always Preparing or Always Prepared? — 02.13.26

Guiding Thought

We prepare our mind for Peace. We prepare our mind to recognize that above all else, we want the Peace that passeth understanding. Today, we offer only this, in humility and gratitude to our Divine Self: we are willing to let the Peace of God be what it is, and accept ourselves as we are meant to be.


How do we prepare our mind for Peace? Is it something we DO? Maybe I’m always preparing, or prepared, because I find Peace in odd ways sometimes. This morning, I woke with the rhythm of a call and response mantra from Kirtan running through my head. I don’t know the words exactly, but the melody is there, and the intent. It’s a gentle, peaceful call to engage with the day. Rubbing sleep out of my eyes, I head to the coffee maker. It sings a little ditty as it fills the room with the smell of freshly brewing coffee and fills my cup with what Steve refers to as my little cup of morning happiness. Hmmm, thanks to a dear friend, the song of the coffee maker just happens to be yet another mantra. “Ohm ah hum………” And so the day continues. The whistle of the hot water running through the shower sounds like a Tibetan singing bowl. All this Peace, and I’m not even dressed yet. And then a musical chord or the sequence of a couple words in my book or in a conversation triggers the words and melody of a song of praise from my church-going days. A whole hymnal of songs I cherish are harbored in my brain and my heart. THIS is letting the Peace of God be what it is, and what I’m meant to be, at least for today.