Beyond Understanding — 02.13.40

Guiding Thought

Knowing the essence of All as my Self, I respect and revere All Life. I love my Self; I love All Life. I bring this Love regularly, sincerely, and thankfully to all my activities and interactions. I now Know the Peace inherent in Oneness. I Know All as my Self. I Know my Self as Love.


Peace is timeless. In the Peace of Oneness, there is no time and space. No beginning, no end. As a dear friend once wrote to me, Peace is Beyond understanding. It’s not that we don’t understand. Beyond understanding is Where we will find peace. Beyond understanding is of the heart, not of the mind.

I started this reflection by reading the guiding thought, and nothing came up. I read the words, my brain/mind don’t have a clue how to respond. I wait, I pause, I let go of wanting to sound smart, of wanting to have just the right response for this Day 40 reflection.

I re-read an email discussion with a dear friend from 2013. It is here that I get my inspiration. This is where the Beyond Understanding comes from. Over 6 years ago, we were in discussion about Peace. I was struck by how the message “peace be with you” is totally absolutely non-denominational. Peace be with You. A little email, a big discussion. Now 6 years later, it comes back to me, and the message is timeless. I am Peace, I must Be Peace. I make a difference, we all make a difference. Just a little discussion of Peace has rippled through time, to touch us again. I know myself, ourselves, as Love, and we make a difference.

May Peace be with us All.


Cat as Teacher — 02.13.39

Guiding Thought

The purpose of Life for all beings is to experience happiness, peace, contentment, and safety, Knowing the Oneness and Immortality of the Divine Self. Such Knowledge is beyond speech, beyond thought; it is found in the depths of the heart where communion (co-union) with All is reality. I bring the unifying force within my heart to all people and experiences and thus Know myself as the happiness, peace, contentment, and safety I Am.


We are at the ocean for 3 days, and our cat Red is at home inside. All by himself. He has lots of food and water, and 2 clean potty boxes. So he is safe, contented, very peaceful, I am sure he is getting lots of sleep. But is he happy? He can’t go outside, which is a normal daily activity for him. He often spends the night outside. He has no one to cuddle up to, no lap to sit on. I know he will survive; we’ve done this before. Yet I worry for him during our absence. What is his experience like, how long does 3 days by himself seem?

The potentially missing experience for him is happiness. His humans are gone, his routine has been limited. When we return he will meow up a storm, and then run around outside, then eventually he will return, and want to be petted. We like to think he is pissed at us, of course we really don’t know.

What occurs to me about all this?

  1. We are all One In the depths of our heart. This crosses all races, all genders, all species, all living and even non-living things. All sentient beings want happiness, peace safety and contentment, A snake basking in the hot sun on a rock I like to think is content.
  2. Love is forgiveness. Our cat will not hold a grudge for how we confined him. Although possibly troubling, he won’t take his frustration out on us (at least, not for long). I know I may be anthropomorphizing here, but even the Dalai Lama gives blessings for animals. It is sometimes simpler to understand our emotional complexities in our relationships with non-human sentient beings. There is a purity in their responses. Many animal lovers will attest to this.
  3. The Oneness of our Divine Self crosses all barriers, and thus we share our infinite peace, contentment, happiness, and safety with all.



Life Around and Within — 02.13.38

Guiding Thought

When I lift my vibration into Peace and Harmony, all are lifted with me. With this awareness comes great responsibility: I am a Peace steward of all humanity, of all Life. Eternal Peace is my natural state. I joyfully and easily share it with all, and fulfill my Divine Purpose in the world.


What is my divine purpose in this world? I am not sure I know, but being a peace steward and working to bring more peace and harmony into the world feels very worthwhile to me. To this end, learning how to lift my vibrations into peace and harmony is a prerequisite to sharing this with others. One way that works for me is to ground myself in the natural world. As I look out at the ocean before me, I can see that Mother is still alive and well, in spite of the injuries from man’s touch. When I simply gaze at the waves, see the sparkles from the sunlight, and feel the windy air all around us, my filters slip away, and I become a part of the grand vista surrounding me. My vibrations lift into harmony, no thinking, just experiencing Life.

It is letting go; of the need to describe, to name, to keep myself separated from reality. It is letting go of the need to think, to approve or disapprove.  When I let go, I become a drop in the ocean of Peace.  I become a Peace steward.


Just Look Out the Window — 02.13.37

Guiding Thought

The Peace of God is stronger than my self-constructed obstacles to it. I open my mind to Holy Communion with the Divine. Brought to union with God, obstacles crumble. Peace stands victorious. I am that Peace.


We have moved today, from our home environment, to a 3 day stay at the ocean. With a 3rd floor room, we have an awesome view of the ocean, and the limitless sky, and of course the sun. We just watched the sunset. And there were no obstacles in the way, no trees, no houses, no power lines. It is an unobstructed view clear to the horizon. Perhaps the Peace of God is like that. No obstacles.

I went for a walk, and found a potential path to the beach. I followed it for a while, through sand dunes covered with grasses, and bushes. I did not get up high enough to see the waves. It is low lying topography here. I gave up the struggle before I could get to the beach. I am sure the rustic path would get me to the beach eventually, but I wanted to get back before sunset.

That rough path reminded me of my struggles to find the Peace of God, when all I had to do was look out the clear window, to see the manifestation of the light of God in all its glory. No obstacles.



Acceptance… Even of the Inner Critic — 02.13.36

Guiding Thought

I prepare my mind for Peace. I prepare my mind to recognize that above all else, I want the Peace that passeth understanding. Today, I offer only this, in humility, and gratitude to my Divine Self: I am willing to let the Peace of God be what it is and I accept myself as I am meant to be.


Accepting myself as I am meant to be means accepting all of myself, including the parts I don’t like. My inner critic is one of those parts, and I find myself wanting to turn it off, rather than to love it as part of myself. My critic has caused me so much grief. And yet, he/she has served me well at times, and has been there to protect me, and to push me to be my best. And sometimes, that inner critic is simply reflecting some of the things people have said to me in the past, things that hurt, and caused to me to close my heart. Or rather, I closed down because I didn’t know what else to do.

My Divine Self shrugs off these hurts, and I know myself as whole in the Peace of God. It is with gratitude that I accept my entire being, as I was meant to be.



Only Just Beginning — 02.13.35

Guiding Thought

I am now aware of my complete harmony with All of Life. I choose to carry the harmony of Oneness with me in all areas of my life. Awareness of Oneness brings immediate peace to all my relationships and interactions. I choose Peace. I choose recognizing Unity with All.  I choose Oneness with All.


As we approach the ending of this 40 day Journey of Peace, I start to realize that the journey is really only just beginning. To carry this forward, to bring it daily into my life, that is the real journey. As I bring my awareness to my awareness, more and more I see that I have opportunities to choose Peace, to remind myself of the Oneness we all share. And even though this round is from the perspective of “I”, it seems I am now more aware of the “We” when choosing Peace. For if we are All in Oneness, that unity includes us All. WE are choosing peace. And yet, I have little or no control of whether others choose peace.  That is why I (we) must carry the harmony of Oneness into all areas of my (our) life, to share with all who I/we encounter.

I recognize that I will not always choose peace. I will not always be in harmony with the universe. But I will continue to do my best, knowing that my best changes from day to day. It is enough, I am good enough to make a difference in the world. I will always do my best, to focus my awareness on the unity of All, and to share this Peace and Harmony for the benefit of all sentient beings.



Ahhhhhhh! Peace! — 02.13.34

Guiding Thought

I am fulfilled! I am filled to the utmost capacity! I embody All that is. I am beyond complete! I accept and receive the beautiful gift of Life and Know the perfection of the Love I Am. In gratitude I share this Love with All that is.


I have arrived. The Journey is the path. The journey is the destination. I have been seeking the goal in front of me, somewhere down that endless path. Now I know the destination is here within me. I have nowhere to go. I am complete in the here and now.  At sunrise I give thanks for a new day. At sunset, I give thanks for a day well lived. It is with gratitude that I lay me down to sleep, knowing I am filled with love for All.

I am a reflection of the sun rising in the sky. It lights my soul, and I am well-lit from within. In gratitude I share this Light with All. This light is Love.



The SheDawn awakes

Beauty incarnate,

joy abounding in each breath.

None else are so beautiful as she.

She sees with the sky,

and hears with the breeze.

Steve G. Wallace


And here is a song to wake up with. Play it loud. “Here’s to you my love, with blessings from above, let the Day begin” – Let the Day Begin by The Call

The Way to Peace is Through the Stomach — 02.13.33

Guiding Thought

In my natural state of Freedom, my mind knows only serene tranquility and Oneness with All. Nothing need be done, for there is no more to do. I am perfect, whole, and complete. Satisfied and filled full, my energy overflows to manifest only the Good, the Holy, and the Beautiful.


I may ramble a bit on this one.

When I began this journey, one of my intentions was to be open to, and explore the question of what is peace. My mission is to reflect on the Guiding Thought of the day, to notice what comes up, how I feel, what I think, and to respond in some fashion.  And I wonder, do I respond as though to an audience, or am I writing simply for myself, to help me find clarity in my thoughts and experiences. Ultimately, I have to answer to myself, for that is the only way I can be true in my sharing with others.

Often what comes up for me are songs or art, where the lyrics or art seem to jive with the topic. I enjoy sharing music/art, and wonder what impacts they may have on others. I will never know, but it is satisfying to think perhaps a seed has been planted, that what I write or share may have some impact in someone else’s life.

I notice this Guiding Thought doesn’t mention peace. It mentions Freedom, knowing tranquility, and (hot button) knowing that nothing needs be done, there is nothing more to do. To me, that is tranquility, a quietness of Spirit that can abide in my heart even during the busiest of times. For me, that is a definition of Peace.

In another vein, they say the way to a man’s heart (or woman’s) is through his/her stomach. And the way to Peace is in our hearts. So that implies having a good meal is a way to Peace. I wonder if that includes pizza? A good pizza can be holy and beautiful can’t it? (Dinner tonight is actually a veggie/cheese tray, and hearty homemade chicken soup, made with love).

All we are saying is give Peace a chance.

We Go to the Ocean — 02.13.32

Guiding Thought

Knowing myself as Peace fortifies my inner awareness of the unity within. Through gratitude for the Life I Am, I connect with harmony. Through harmony, I am restored and strengthened, and am thus able to carry my Inner Peace to all of life’s activity surrounding me.


Walking in circles. Usually my daily walk involves walking multiple times around a quarter mile path at a local park. It is good for me, both physically and mentally. I will recite my mantram, sometimes I will (thanks to Thich Nhat Hanh), chant Peace, Joy, Peace, Joy, in rhythm of my steps. It Is all good. And I have to admit, in spite of the pretty scenery, and my mantrams, I find myself ready to be done after about 4-5 laps. Physically I could go much farther. I often do 6 to 8 laps or more when walking with someone, our discussions keep us going.

I also walk with a friend at another park, on the beach. It is not a circle, we wander up and down the beach, we wander through the driftwood and the seaweed, we gaze out upon the water, and we see birds and islands across the sound. Today we saw a blue heron, standing one legged on a rock protruding above the water.

The sights and sounds at the beach bring me to peace and harmony. Or maybe it is because we pause, and take notice of the beauty around us. What I know is I find Peace here at the beach more readily than walking in circles at the other park. I don’t understand why that is, but I know that is my experience. There is value in knowing what triggers my awareness of harmony and Peace. Perhaps I “should” be able to find Peace and Harmony anywhere, anytime. The truth is, I will take any help I can get. So if walking on the beach allows me to be strengthened and restored, so “beach” it!

We are blessed to have this wonderful beach park in our neighborhood. And we are going to stay at the ocean for a few days next week; it is only a few hours’ drive from home. Going to the ocean brings me to a state of wholeness, and harmony with the natural world. Looking out at the ocean, I know that our world is okay. We go to the ocean to rebalance our energy.

“Ocean Mother, wash over me, help me sustain  my life”, “to rebalance my energy, so I can live together with all things” partial lyrics from “Deep Within” by Alicia Bonnet on her Emergence album. Truly beautiful.

Everyday Opportunities — 02.13.31

Welcome to Round Four! 

Here we are, on the final stretch. Are you feeling “plodding” or “dashing”? The perception of time can change during the Journeys. Sometimes they fly by, sometimes it feels like walking in mud. Just keep the forward progress, and you always come out the other side…with “new and improved!” insights and Ah-ha-s.

Thank you for being here. Do you know how you bless the world for simply (or sometimes not so simply) doing the inner work of Self? When you shed light within, the light grows without. YOU do this; you ARE doing this. The world is blessed because of your actions. Thank you. We are all on the Upward Spiral of Ascension, each taking their own steps to evolve individual and human consciousness to align with and express Divine Consciousness.

Divine Consciousness is Infinite and Eternal, never ending. And what a joy it is! I am so grateful for you to be here, adding your light on the path.

For Round Four, the Guiding Thoughts shift once again, this time back to the “I”. We began in Round One with “I”, claiming that self-identity. Then, through rounds two and three, the self-identity became expanded through “you” and “we” so that the self could begin to understand itself as the SELF. In returning to “I” in the fourth round, the (little) self merges with the (higher) Self, to achieve more consistency and congruency in everyday life, as the Self becomes more prominent in everyday activities.

Also for this round, Steve. returns as our Guest Journeyer.  Lita and Mary’s beautiful reflections will continue in the comments section, so if you have been enjoying their writings, please follow up and read those.

And as a reminder: this is not “my” Journey, not Lita’s Journey, not Steve or Mary’s Journey. This is our Journey– all of us, together. Feel free to add your reflections with us in the comments section.

Guiding Thought

I am Love. I have infinite Love to give; therefore, I am able to give Love infinitely. Filled with Love, my energy is vibrant. All of Life responds to my inner State of Being with mutual harmony.


Wow. Day 31, the start of Round 4, the final round for this Journey of Peace. Which officially started October 4th, but seemed to start much sooner, as I completed a bio of myself, a statement of Intentions, and a statement of Commitment and Dedication. Has it been worth it? Absolutely. I have learned so much, not only about myself, but also about Peace, and how it manifests (or not) in our lives. There are so many ways to look at Peace, and the Guiding Thoughts have helped me to see many aspects of what peace is in our lives, what it looks like to me, how it feels, what it means to me.

Ekam Sat – One truth, many paths. Thank you to Sus for that (Sanskrit?) phrase. That is part of the beauty of the 40 Guiding Thoughts, each one evokes a different perspective, new questions arise, and my experience today is different from yesterday.

I am traveling on a path of peace, with you, me and we. Today it is not the same experience I had yesterday, or the day before, or on day 1. Every day I have opportunities to give love infinitely. I may fall short, but the intentions and results are worthwhile. I aspire to be in Infinite Love, and to share that love however I can.

Many Blessings.