Ahhhhhhh! Peace! — 02.13.34

Guiding Thought

I am fulfilled! I am filled to the utmost capacity! I embody All that is. I am beyond complete! I accept and receive the beautiful gift of Life and Know the perfection of the Love I Am. In gratitude I share this Love with All that is.


I have arrived. The Journey is the path. The journey is the destination. I have been seeking the goal in front of me, somewhere down that endless path. Now I know the destination is here within me. I have nowhere to go. I am complete in the here and now.  At sunrise I give thanks for a new day. At sunset, I give thanks for a day well lived. It is with gratitude that I lay me down to sleep, knowing I am filled with love for All.

I am a reflection of the sun rising in the sky. It lights my soul, and I am well-lit from within. In gratitude I share this Light with All. This light is Love.



The SheDawn awakes

Beauty incarnate,

joy abounding in each breath.

None else are so beautiful as she.

She sees with the sky,

and hears with the breeze.

Steve G. Wallace


And here is a song to wake up with. Play it loud. “Here’s to you my love, with blessings from above, let the Day begin” – Let the Day Begin by The Call