Life Around and Within — 02.13.38

Guiding Thought

When I lift my vibration into Peace and Harmony, all are lifted with me. With this awareness comes great responsibility: I am a Peace steward of all humanity, of all Life. Eternal Peace is my natural state. I joyfully and easily share it with all, and fulfill my Divine Purpose in the world.


What is my divine purpose in this world? I am not sure I know, but being a peace steward and working to bring more peace and harmony into the world feels very worthwhile to me. To this end, learning how to lift my vibrations into peace and harmony is a prerequisite to sharing this with others. One way that works for me is to ground myself in the natural world. As I look out at the ocean before me, I can see that Mother is still alive and well, in spite of the injuries from man’s touch. When I simply gaze at the waves, see the sparkles from the sunlight, and feel the windy air all around us, my filters slip away, and I become a part of the grand vista surrounding me. My vibrations lift into harmony, no thinking, just experiencing Life.

It is letting go; of the need to describe, to name, to keep myself separated from reality. It is letting go of the need to think, to approve or disapprove.  When I let go, I become a drop in the ocean of Peace.  I become a Peace steward.