Beyond Understanding — 02.13.40

Guiding Thought

Knowing the essence of All as my Self, I respect and revere All Life. I love my Self; I love All Life. I bring this Love regularly, sincerely, and thankfully to all my activities and interactions. I now Know the Peace inherent in Oneness. I Know All as my Self. I Know my Self as Love.


Peace is timeless. In the Peace of Oneness, there is no time and space. No beginning, no end. As a dear friend once wrote to me, Peace is Beyond understanding. It’s not that we don’t understand. Beyond understanding is Where we will find peace. Beyond understanding is of the heart, not of the mind.

I started this reflection by reading the guiding thought, and nothing came up. I read the words, my brain/mind don’t have a clue how to respond. I wait, I pause, I let go of wanting to sound smart, of wanting to have just the right response for this Day 40 reflection.

I re-read an email discussion with a dear friend from 2013. It is here that I get my inspiration. This is where the Beyond Understanding comes from. Over 6 years ago, we were in discussion about Peace. I was struck by how the message “peace be with you” is totally absolutely non-denominational. Peace be with You. A little email, a big discussion. Now 6 years later, it comes back to me, and the message is timeless. I am Peace, I must Be Peace. I make a difference, we all make a difference. Just a little discussion of Peace has rippled through time, to touch us again. I know myself, ourselves, as Love, and we make a difference.

May Peace be with us All.