Seeking Guest Journeyers for January, Journey of the Heart

Journey of the Heart is about connecting with your heart, meaning, your deepest inner Self, your Highest dreams, wishes, Purpose; your Inner Truth.  If this is something you have been pulled or pushed to want, to seek, to pursue, this might be a great opportunity for you.
Guest Journeyers do their Journeys here, live, daily. Meet the recent Guest Journeyers here. Read their Journeys here.

This is what is required of Guest Journeyers for Journey of the Heart:

Step One (one day): Think about and decide why you want to connect with your heart. Write about this. The writing can be 100 or 1000+ words. The main point is to spend some time reflecting, then writing.
Step Two (one day): Decide to commit to the Journey–committing to a minimum of 10 minutes each day to do the contemplation/reflection. Write down your commitment. Also, if you choose, add a dedication (“for the benefit of all sentient beings”).
Step Three (40 days): Using Guiding Thoughts to focus your mind into your heart, listen to the words, while you draw/paint/color or write. Since the heart does not use words to communicate, this is a creative connective endeavor; the words merely lead you into what the heart wants to communicate. A minimum of 10 minutes is recommended daily for this Journey. You may listen to the Guiding thoughts here:
they loop automatically. Alternatively, you may read the Guiding Thoughts for 5 minutes prior to drawing/coloring/painting/writing, or you may record the Guiding Thoughts in your own voice and loop that while  drawing/coloring/painting/writing.
Step Four (one day): After the 40 days are complete, take some breathing room for a few days. Then, reflect on your Journey–an overview, self-assessment, “progress report” so to say–and write a bit.
Those are the basics of the Journey.
To be a Guest Journeyer there are additional administrative considerations, which we would have to work out: You’d have to either send me your reflections (drawing/coloring/painting/writing) or you may use your WordPress account, and I would add you as an admin on susanwithpearls, so you can log in and post the reflections yourself.

If you are interested, please email me.

Questions, curious inquiries, requests for more information welcome.

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