Journey of Peace, Final Reflection, Mary — 02.13.41

The final task for each Journey is to take some time and space after the daily writing has ended and reflect on the Journey, on your process, and on yourself. Here is Mary’s reflection (Lita’s reflection was posted yesterday, Steve’s reflection will be posted tomorrow, and my reflection the day after that):

Reflections on the Journey of Peace

It’s nearly Christmas. People are busy shopping and decorating and gathering near to loved ones. Carols of Peace on Earth and good will to all are filling the airwaves all around us. I think again how sad it is that we often pack away our Christmas spirit along with all the decorations at the end of this season of kindness and joy. I am determined not to pack away my Christmas spirit, not ever! Taking the Journey of Peace was an extremely timely experience for me. My father had passed shortly before the Journey began. I had knee replacement surgery and was in the beginning stages of recovery at the onset of this Journey.  The Guiding Thoughts went a long way in helping me to be at Peace with the curveballs life sometimes throws our way. I was getting comfortable with feeling I had done a good job of embracing Peace in my day-to-day living, then day 39 rolled around, the end of the Journey was in sight,  and I had a moment of disharmony. I realize I have a long road yet to walk, and have the intention of carrying on this Journey of Peace to the end of the road. These Journeys claim a daily commitment for 40 days. What I’ve learned is that, for me,  those 40 days are only the beginning of a Journey that will endure for the remainder of my life. As Lita, another Journeyer, states, we have the opportunity to be Big. These Journeys encourage us to be as Big as we choose, in a safe and supportive environment. I have great love and gratitude to Dr. Susan Billmaier for presenting the Journeys and to Steve, Lita, Amy and all the others who Journey with us. The Journeys are an exploration and a vehicle for Self-realization. I invite and welcome all fellow travelers on the path. Let all our hearts join in the prayer for Peace on Earth. If it is to be, it is up to me! (and you, too!)

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